Your Roadmap to Enterprise Healthcare Digitalization

Damo Consulting: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Damo Consulting focuses exclusively on the healthcare market with a strong understanding of the provider space. We make it our mission to explore, understand, and evaluate the most pressing issues at the intersection of healthcare and technology, specifically in the context of digital transformation in healthcare. As a result, we reliably help health systems undergo this transformation with greater speed, less risk, and more certainty. 

Our Enterprise Healthcare Clients Are Looking For:

  • Market insights that inform the prioritization of high-impact initiatives.

  • A well-designed strategy and roadmap that aligns with organizational goals. 
  • The right technology architecture and partnerships to enable the transformation. 

  • The ability to execute at scale and deliver measurable results. 

Digital Transformation Advisory Services

Damo Consulting is Your Fractional Chief Digital Officer

Digital transformation is in early stages in healthcare. Digital maturity varies widely across enterprises and technology solution providers. We help our clients understand the constraints and trade-offs to make informed choices for a technology-enabled digital transformation roadmap that can be implemented in phases to meet organizational objectives.

Components of a digital transformation strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmaps

Our team works closely with clients to develop and execute enterprise digital roadmaps.
We help answer key questions related to digital transformation:

  • What are the enterprise goals for digital transformation?
  • What are the key focus areas for digitalization ?
  • How do we assess the current state of digital across the enterprise ?
  • What is our roadmap to get to the future state?
  • How do we build a business plan case for investment?
  • What challenges do we have to address in the digital transformation journey ?​ 
  • What internal/external technology capabilities are required to enable the transformation?

Needs Assessment

Identify pain points and map the journey line with in-depth market research and internal surveys 

Technology Strategy

Maximize existing assets and identify the right technology partners for current and future innovation

Roadmap Execution

Support implementation, measure benefits captured, provide reporting and forecasting for ongoing improvement

  • Digital strategy workshops
  • Digital roadmaps
  • Digital platform strategy
  • Innovation management
  • Partner selection
  • Business case development

Real World Client Outcomes: Nationally known health system finds a clear way forward with digital roadmap and key technology partnerships. Learn More >

Technology Selection and Strategic Sourcing

The right technology choices will always include tradeoffs. We help clients navigate these complex decisions and make the most of their technology budget.

DamoIntel™ ICEA™​ Framework

With so many providers in the healthcare market, competition for your digital transformation dollars is steep. What is the value you attach to making the right technology partner selection decision?

Every vendor claims to have the qualifications needed to support your transformation. Many will point to their rankings by analyst firms. But do you really know what their healthcare market experience is? This is where you need a specialist firm such as Damo Consulting who can help you find the technology provider that’s truly a match for your needs based on their qualifications and their work for organizations similar to yours.

Our ICEATM vendor evaluation framework is based on mapping the solution provider arena into four major categories with your organization at the center of the competitive focus. Competitors may sit in more than one category in this evolving landscape of technology solution providers. We help your organization understand the position, offerings, and advantages of providers in each market segment to provide a comprehensive understanding of available choices.

Strategic Sourcing

Damo Consulting is a fully vendor-agnostic consulting firm. Because we do not compete for the downstream implementation of the solution, our recommendations on technology choices and vendor selection  are always based on an objective assessment of what is right for your organization.

With over 20 years of market experience, we have developed deep knowledge and expertise in the healthcare technology vendor landscape. We help identify strategic partners that demonstrate:

  • Alignment to client needs
  • The right capabilities
  • Track record and customer references
  • A compelling vision and strategy for the healthcare market

Damo Consulting provides:

  • Market research on solution provider landscape
  • Facilitating vendor capability presentations
  • RFP and bid management
  • Price benchmarking
  • Contract negotiation and renegotiations

Beyond Initial Vendor Selection

After you have selected your technology partner, we remain involved and provide the following services:

  • Contract governance and VMO support
  • Value and benefits capture and reporting
  • Facilitating quarterly/annual reviews with vendors
  • Ongoing research and market intelligence on technology trends and vendor landscape
  • Executive briefings with technology vendor leadership

We help our healthcare clients improve operational and financial performance while managing strategic and operational risk with their technology partner choices. We have a deep understanding of the technology provider landscape. We have saved millions of dollars through the identification and selection of the right partners, thoughtful negotiation of pricing and contract terms, and above all, with a single-minded focus on ensuring the right choice of partner for our client’s needs.

Real World Client Outcomes:

  • Completed a comprehensive capabilities assessment of nearly 30 technology vendors for an academic medical center conducted to provide a range solutions for their digital innovation initiatives. Learn more >  
  • Driving SLA performance improvements and potential for $20 Million in savings for ITO contract. Learn More >

Emerging Tech & Innovation Management

Damo advises healthcare enterprises on the newest technology options to give our clients a competitive edge.


Healthcare is still in the early stages of cloud migration—which means there are many unknowns for the average enterprise healthcare system. Damo brings clarity to these critical decisions so that hospitals can capture the value of the cloud.
  • Readiness assessment
  • Adoption strategies
  • Provider selection
  • Contract structuring
  • Pricing Negotiations

Advanced Analytics Strategy​

Healthcare enterprises need an approach to advanced analytics for driving improved experiences and managing outcomes and costs in a value-based care era. Healthcare executives need to learn the language of advanced analytics and build a roadmap for harnessing insights from data with new technologies such as AI and machine learning. At the same time, new and emerging sources of health data are adding volume, speed and complexity to the management and analysis of healthcare data.

Damo Consulting guides health systems in developing business cases and advanced analytics roadmaps based on deep insights and research on emerging use cases across the health care continuum from inside the enterprise as well as from peer organizations. Based on expertise and experience gained over a decade, Damo Consulting experts work with technology solution providers, CMIO’s and Chief Analytics and Data Officers to:

  • Develop and validate the business case
  • Identify and evaluate data sources
  • Research high value use cases associated with advanced analytics and AI
  • Develop and implement advanced analytics roadmaps
  • Measure outcomes and ROI
We helped a global technology firm with an advanced analytics offerings strategy and a roadmap to achieve specified growth goals.
Learn More >

Innovation Management

For healthcare enterprises, innovation is critical to maintain market advantage and satisfy demand from consumers and care providers. Innovation investments can be a mix of in-house development, strategic partnerships, and targeted acquisitions. Damo Consulting brings market insight to the table to help our clients with:
  • Innovation model development
  • Build vs. buy decisions
  • High-impact initiative prioritization
  • Startup evaluation and due diligence
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Outcomes and ROI tracking for innovation strategies
Real World Client Outcomes: Global health system asks Damo to weigh in on cloud platform options, uncovering a surprising insight.
Learn More >

You Can Innovate Effectively. Start Now.

Digital transformation in healthcare is a multi-year, ongoing effort. Our mission is to help healthcare CIOs and Chief Digital Officers with the complex decision-making and trade-offs involved in the journey and keep pace with rapid change in the technology landscape.

Tune in to The Big Unlock podcast to hear what other healthcare CIOs, Chief Digital Officers, and Health IT executives are doing to accomplish digital transformation.

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