Accelerating Growth for Health IT Companies

Supporting Strategic Positioning and Top-Line Growth in Health IT

Damo Consulting works with global tech leaders and emerging Health IT firms to secure their market position and grow their revenue long term. 

Damo Consulting Knows the Business of Health IT. We Helped Build It.

Leading the healthcare divisions in global tech companies. Building successful Health IT startups. Providing growth strategy advisory services to CEOs and heads of business at multi-national technology firms. Our team was forged at the center of healthcare, technology, and business. We bring that rich experience to the table to help our clients grow.

How Can We Help You Succeed?

Strategic Growth Consulting

Growth strategy formulation and implementation with ADE™ framework to provide a clear path forward

Where does your firm fit in the current competitive landscape? Where do you need to be to hit your growth goals? How will you get there from here? Our rigorous and structured consultative approach ensures your organization has the strategic positioning and competitive differentiation to capture mindshare and gain market advantage. 

How We Work with Clients

  • Define the opportunity landscape
  • Competitor analysis
  • Remain engaged for execution to ensure success
  • Market intelligence
  • Client organization
  • Custom research
  • Build a strategic positioning statement
  • Create a playbook for client acquisition and growth
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Offerings development

ADE™ Framework for Growth Strategy Execution

Our ADETM framework refers to the three main growth phases of technology firms: Acquire, Defend, and Expand. Technology firms will often fall in more than one growth stage in the ADETM framework. Firms in the early stage of growth will often focus heavily on new client acquisition while more mature firms may be focused on maintaining their current portfolio of clients and finding opportunities to expand their footprint across the enterprise with current and new offerings.

​Damo Consulting ADE™ Framework​

Global data provider seeks to develop a market growth strategy for healthcare sector

Sales Enablement

Advisory support for top-line growth activities from long-term sales pipeline development to bid pursuit & ABM 

Across the Health IT sector, we see sales teams hustling for short term wins. Hitting the quota for the quarter is important. But developing the pipeline for long-term growth is crucial. At Damo, we help Health IT sales and marketing leaders:

  • Cut through the noise and capture the attention of healthcare system CIOs and CDOs 
  • Make the most of budget spent on demand generation campaigns and outreach initiatives
  • Get in the running for more deals and bigger opportunities with strategic pursuit enablement 
  • Maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) with account-based marketing

Our healthcare enterprise clients are the same organizations you want to sell to. We’ve learned how to gain trust and credibility, and we help other excellent providers do the same. Let us bring our deep knowledge of demand generation and sales cycles in B2B technology markets to bear on your behalf. 

A branded, sales-aligned growth strategy program helped this Boston-based tech firm hit targets.

Brand Transformation With Thought Leadership

Thought leadership branding and digital marketing: Fractional CMO services

At Damo, we are rightly proud of our contributions to thought leadership surrounding digital healthcare transformation. But we’re just as excited to help our clients achieve the same recognition for their own brands.

Why Thought-Leadership-Led Branding?

Gaining visibility, boosting credibility, and staying top of mind is essential in a marketplace where getting a seat at the bidding table is increasingly difficult.


Our targeted thought leadership enables brand elevation and transformation. Each deeply researched and unique branding asset positions your brand favorably with your target audiences. Our clients include many of the leading global technology firms for whom we have developed and published a range of content including white papers, blogs, eBooks, and market research.


We provide the following services for thought leadership content programs.

Thought leadership content solutions
  • Brand identity for emerging companies
  • New offering definition and marketing & demand strategy
  • Brand transformation for deeper penetration into healthcare markets
  • Personal branding of tech business leaders as healthcare experts
  • Thought leadership content development services
  • Media relations and media exposure
  • Webinars and surveys
See how branded thought leadership became a game changer for a global technology and services company.

Expert Insights and Recommendations

Market intelligence and targeted, custom research with DamoIntel™ to highlight opportunities and reduce risks

Keeping up with market developments that could impact offerings and opportunities for Health IT organizations is a full-time job. It is one we do every day at Damo to ensure our clients have the information they need. 

Do You Want Market Intelligence Your Competition Doesn’t Have?

Our targeted custom research provides detailed insights into:

  • Clients
  • Competitors
  • Stakeholders
  • Key executives
  • Market transactions
  • New offerings
  • M&A analysis
  • …and much more

B2B Health IT companies from startups to global providers rely on DamoIntel™ to guide their innovation, investment, new product launches, territory expansion, M&A, strategic alliances, and other business acceleration strategies. Competitive advantage is available on demand.

Help Yourself to Market Insight

Our extensive library of complimentary research is available here. We recommend starting with this in-depth report on The Current State of Healthcare Digital Transformation. Get more details about our Market Insights and Advisory services here.

Case Studies: Business Growth Strategies and Market Development