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Exploring the evolution of digital health startups

December 16, 2019

While the promise of digital innovation is immense, the challenges for digital health innovators are many. In the coming weeks, I will be featuring podcast interviews with the founders of several digital health startups who are navigating the challenges in their journey.

This week’s podcast features Leah Sparks, CEO and Founder of Wildflower Health. She discusses how her personal experience with the complexities of navigating the healthcare system during pregnancy motivated her to launch the company. Leah stresses the importance of the early believers and risk-takers within healthcare organizations who are crucial to the success of digital health innovations. Take a listen.

How much should health systems set aside for digital transformation? We have one answer to the question. Partners Healthcare in Boston has announced it will put down $100 million over the next 18 months on digital initiatives. That’s around half a percent of their annual revenues if anyone is looking for a benchmark.

How does one determine if a digital health solution is worth the risk and the investment? PBM giant Express Scripts is betting that a stamp of approval from a trusted source could be the answer, and has launched a digital health formulary.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

Partners HealthCare is launching a $100 million digital health initiative

Boston-based Partners Healthcare comes out with a bold investment plan for digital transformation.

Mayo’s approach to patient data management, security and digital health: Key thoughts from CIO Cris Ross

Insightful interview on Mayo Clinic’s digital vision from CIO Cris Ross.

Amazon and Apple will be our doctors in the future, says tech guru Peter Diamandis

Well-known futurist predicts Amazon and Apple may be more successful than healthcare providers in keeping us healthy in future. His upcoming book should be an interesting read.

Express Scripts throws a lifeline to digital health start-ups

PBM giant Express Scripts – now merged with health plan major Cigna – launches a digital health “formulary” and onboards a curated list of digital health companies for health plans.

Healthcare-focused venture firms are forming a best practices group for securing health data

Interesting initiative to provide some assurance to health systems on security and privacy complained by startups.

Catalyst for Payment Reform Finds Value-Based Healthcare Not Moving Quickly Enough

90% of value-oriented payment is built on a fee-for-service foundation today. The slow shift to value-based care will have implications on the pace of digital health innovation.

What to Consider Before Trading Your Health Data for Cash

There is much teeth-gnashing about how big tech firms should be paying for the use of personal medical info. However, there is limited or no protection for those who choose to share healthcare data.

Digital health start-up once worth $1.5 billion is racing to keep lights on as investors flee

The case of Proteus, once considered a dazzling example of digital therapeutic innovation, is a reminder of the limited tolerance of corporate sponsors in the absence of market place acceptance for new medical technologies.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #30: With Leah Sparks, CEO and Founder, Wildflower Health 

“Health systems and plans are now willing to take a leap of faith for digital patient experiences.”

Damo Consulting announces inaugural Board of Advisors

Damo Consulting is very pleased to welcome Ed Marx and John Glaser to our inaugural board of advisors.

The WITCH Monthly Monitor (November 2019)

Our monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare. It provides latest financial and market performance updates on WITCH companies along with other global IT consulting firms.

White paper: What health systems must do to accelerate digital transformation

Our latest white paper explores how health systems can accelerate digital transformation.

The WITCH Report: 2019 Mid-Year Review

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology consulting firms in healthcare.

Research Report: The current state of healthcare digital transformation 

Our latest research report explores the current state of digital transformation in healthcare.


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