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Meet the Healthcare Digital Transformation Experts

Damo Consulting is a digital transformation and strategic growth advisory firm serving healthcare enterprises and the technology companies that support them. We specialize in digital and growth strategy, actionable healthcare market intelligence, and branded thought leadership for our clients.

Why We Do It…

Our Vision

We envision digitally-enabled health systems and technology partners collaborating to deliver a superior care experience and promote better health outcomes for healthcare consumers around the world.

Our Mission

As a preferred advisory partner and expert in digital transformation strategies, we are committed to supporting healthcare enterprises with digital health innovation while helping technology providers seize the opportunity for growth through the right market strategies. 

Providing Strategic Consulting Across the Digital Health Landscape

Providing Strategic Consulting Across the Digital Health Landscape

Since 2012, Damo Consulting has been working with leading healthcare enterprises on technology strategy and digital transformation. We have also worked with some of the leading technology firms and emerging health IT companies to transform their brands and accelerate growth.

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The Damo Consulting Team: Real-World Experience in Health IT + Recognized Thought Leadership in Healthcare

Paddy Padmanahban: Leadership Damo Consulting

Meet the Founder

 “COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation timelines. I urge my clients to think holistically about enterprise transformation while planning for a digital future. Healthcare digital transformation requires a structured roadmap and a clear set of priorities to determine the best technology choices and implementation strategies. Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of problem solving that my team and I enjoy most. Along the way, I also get to connect and work with some of the brightest leaders in healthcare and technology.”

Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting

The Team


Amanda Havard

Product and Design Strategist

Amanda specializes in translating an organization’s needs and visions into a usable, human-centered technology or process. She helps founders and executives bring innovative ideas to life by effectively collaborating across business, policy, strategy, technical, data, and design teams. Through extensive work in the public health space, she collaborated with health plan and health system leadership, and state and federal officials to build an enterprise SaaS platform that transformed assessment processes for Medicaid patients and community health workers into smoother workflows that ultimately saved money, time, and expedited care authorization and delivery. In this role, she dove deeply into health policy, health data privacy, and has become an advocate for patient civil rights.

Amanda Havard is a former startup founder, tech strategist, and entrepreneurially-minded executive who lives to bring usable software to the areas that lack it. Leveraging her background in cognitive development from her time as a research fellow at the Peabody Research Institute at Vanderbilt University, she applies what we understand about how people think to design technology people can use and processes that help people thrive.

From digital media to public policy, from digital therapeutics to enterprise work tools, she insists that the world we live in and the businesses we build can be better if we invest in better experiences and better technology.


Arpita Bose Das

Brand transformation & marketing operations

Arpita is a marketing professional with over twelve years of experience in content marketing, research, marketing communication, and corporate communication. 

At Damo consulting she manages the company’s end-to-end marketing communication, internal communications, business and brand messaging, social media, media relations, and brand and marketing strategy. She is the brand custodian for brand Damo Consulting and The Big Unlock. Arpita has a knack for finding solutions and templatizing processes that helps Damo Consulting increase its brand impact with limited resources. Arpita has contributed to setting up the company’s collaboration platforms that enable everyone to work effectively across time zones.

Arpita is good at managing and organizing projects and events. She works closely with CXOs and marketing teams to plan and execute key brand and organizational initiatives. She has worked with several organizations in the technology space and brings with her the experience of working with stakeholders across the marketing value chain.

Arpita is a graduate of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University. She has a Master’s in English and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Communications.

Blaine Anderson

Digital Health Product Innovator

Blaine Anderson is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, growth strategist, operator with over 25 years of experience accelerating innovative product development in Healthcare through Design Thinking and User Centered Design.

Blaine specializes in human-centered design to create digital products that deliver sustainable, profitable growth for business. He has worked with large companies and startups across a broad spectrum of the healthcare vertical, using a human-centered design approach to uncover and turn insights into innovative products based on real customer needs, new technical possibilities, and business viability.

Blaine is currently CEO of OtherLeft, a strategic design and innovation consultancy that leverages human-centered design to create digital products that deliver sustainable, profitable growth for clients in digital health. He is one of the founders of a leading healthcare-focused digital strategy, design and development agency, PointClear, and currently serves on the Board of Directors. Before beginning his entrepreneurial journey in 2006, Blaine spent over 15 years at NASA, specializing in the testing large space structures in the Space Station and Shuttle program

Bhawna Mishra

Digital Marketing

Bhawna has over seven years of experience in the marketing communication industry, including content marketing, social media marketing, and public relations. She creates, maintains, and manages content for company’s social media channels. She assists in designing digital marketing strategies by planning and executing digital marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and monitors company’s social media presence. Bhawna is also responsible for assisting media relations for the company and manages the end-to-end production of The Big Unlock Podcast.

Prior to Damo, she has worked with several public relations companies and have handled clients across industry verticals. Bhawna holds a Post-Graduation degree in M.S. in Communication from Garden City College, Bangalore.

Dominick Grillas: Team Damo Consulting

Dominick Grillas

Technology Strategy and Sourcing

Dominick is a subject matter expert in global sourcing, IT service Management, strategy and process optimization with over 25 years of experience around the world.

He held leadership positions in Europe and the USA with Cap Gemini, Keane and Wipro, driving technology and process outsourcing and reengineering, organizational design, strategy execution and IT redeployment for leading Fortune 500 clients.

Author of numerous articles, white papers and methodology manuals, Dominick is a regular speaker at events and conferences, including topics blending technology and business such as Risk Management and Strategic Agility.

Dominick is a graduate of Bordeaux University (France) with multiple BAs and a Pocket MBA by Boston University / Questrom School of Business, in addition to numerous technology certifications.

Josh Rothman

Digital Health Product Innovator

Josh specializes in strategic design and innovation that leverages human-centered design to create digital products that deliver sustainable, profitable growth for clients in digital health. He has developed his product and design expertise over two decades of hands-on project work and leadership. He knows what it takes to create world-class solutions, from the smallest detail to the big ideas that shape workflows and outcomes.

Josh specializes in design thinking to ensure the right problems are solved at the right time. By using a user-centered design approach, he understands the behaviors, pain points, goals, environments, and skillsets of his users. He is a strong advocate for “simplifying the complex”.

He is a partner at OtherLeft, a design consultancy, and was previously the Director of UX at a leading healthcare-focused digital strategy, design and development agency. Other endeavors include Vice President of Product for a bundled payments services company and Director of UX for a leading EHR product company where he was a member of the senior leadership team and led a nationwide physician advisory board.

Joyoti Goswami

Healthcare Technology

Joyoti is a physician with varied experience in clinical practice, pharma consulting and Healthcare information technology. She has worked with several EMRs including Allscripts, AthenaHealth, GE Perioperative and Nextgen. Her core areas of interest are clinical informatics, EMR content development, Interoperability & Integration and Health data analytics. She has a post-graduation in Bioinformatics.


Kaushik Dutta

Market Intelligence and Research

Kaushik is the head of research operations at Damo Consulting. He leads research initiatives of the company including DamoIntelTM platform, which is a comprehensive database of digital health programs and technology initiatives across healthcare.

With a decade of research and advisory experience, he has led many projects in the area of market/ competitive intelligence, GTM, vendor assessment, M&A partner assessment, for client organizations such as health systems, digital start-ups, and IT service providers. He supports the enterprise healthcare organizations’ in their pursuit for building digital health strategies with tailored data and insights.

Kaushik holds an MBA degree, with several certifications in areas such as healthcare IT, and data analytics.

Perumal(Siva) Sivakumar


Perumal(Siva) Sivakumar, MBA, is a seasoned healthcare technology professional, influential leader, subject matter expert and solution architect, improving patient healing process and reducing costs by applying innovative solutions, processes and best practices, and delivering value through patient data management, informatics, clinical workflow optimization, population health management and digital transformation.

Siva has played diverse leadership roles at Siemens Medical Systems and Cognizant Healthcare in software engineering, product strategy, domain consulting, enterprise solution architecture, technology strategy, M&A integration, platform based services and IT Services delivery, which helps him adapt emerging technologies to enable connected digital healthcare ecosystem.

Siva has managed several complex programs end-end-end, collaborating with senior level executives and third party vendors, connecting systems that generate wealth of patient data, crafting modern workflows, and delivering insights to achieve the real potential of new and alternative models of care and population health objectives. Siva has developed digital solutions in the areas of care management, post-acute care, paperless specialty care, revenue cycle management, physician collaboration and patient engagement platforms.

Siva is a strategic and dependable leader, has a track record of building high performance teams and driving business transformation by combining people, technology and processes.

Siva’s exposure to diverse clients in the provider, payer and medical devices industries and expertise in interoperability standards such as HL7, FHIR, EDI, DICOM and API integrations helps unlock the cross industry value.

Siva is a strong customer advocate and constantly focuses on solving problems and helping clients achieve their vision and goals.  He strongly believes that design thinking and connected systems are key to bringing superior customer experience as technological advancements involving APIs, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, predictive analytics, AI/ML are bringing innovative ways for businesses and consumers collaborate and add value.

Siva has a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and an MBA from Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Ramesh Raghavan

Digital Strategy

Ramesh Raghavan is a healthcare digital transformation leader and mentor facilitating the ongoing journey to digitize healthcare organizations. In this role he mentors business and technology leaders to strategically align the digital journey with the organizational mission and goals. He brings a strong understanding of healthcare mandates, patient journey across care management and payment for the same as well as technology that will enable seamless transitions. His skills in risk analysis and mitigation to future proof business initiatives is enabled by his choice of appropriate technology that optimize the cost and performance of the solutions.


Sanjith kumar

Technology & design

Sanjith is a web and graphic designer with six years of experience in working with Adobe products and WordPress. At Damo Consulting, he is involved in designing, maintaining, and up-keeping of the Damo Consulting and Big Unlock websites. He is responsible for designing all content assets for Damo Consulting and keeping the brand of the company intact. He has hands on experience in developing front-end (HTML,CSS,Javascript) and back-end (VB,C#,PHP/Mysql) programming languages.

Sanjith is a Graduate in Information Technology under the faculty of Information and Communication Engineering from Anna University and holds a MBA in Information Systems.

Scott Frederick, RN BSN MSHI

Advisor Healthcare Delivery Strategist

Scott Frederick is an experienced clinician, executive, healthcare technologist with over 20 years of experience designing, developing and implementing innovative clinical delivery models and technologies.

Scott specializes in working with healthcare stakeholders, user experience designers and developers to improve patient and provider workflows while achieving optimal health and business outcomes. He has advised numerous startup, as well as industry leaders with launching new products and refactoring existing platforms.

Scott is currently an advisor to OtherLeft, a strategic design and innovation consultancy and is also the founder of RPM Advisory Group, a remote patient monitoring and telehealth consulting company focused on helping wearable technology companies with commercialization strategies. Prior to founding RPM, Scott spent over 16 years as a critical nurse and healthcare informaticist.


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Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.