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Meet the Healthcare Digital Transformation Experts

Damo Consulting is a digital transformation and strategic growth advisory firm serving healthcare enterprises and the technology companies that support them. We specialize in digital and growth strategy, actionable healthcare market intelligence, and branded thought leadership for our clients.

Why We Do It…

Our Vision

We envision digitally-enabled health systems and technology partners collaborating to deliver a superior care experience and promote better health outcomes for healthcare consumers around the world.

Our Mission

As a preferred advisory partner and expert in digital transformation strategies, we are committed to supporting healthcare enterprises with digital health innovation while helping technology providers seize the opportunity for growth through the right market strategies. 

Providing Strategic Consulting Across the Digital Health Landscape

Providing Strategic Consulting Across the Digital Health Landscape

Since 2012, Damo Consulting has been working with leading healthcare enterprises on technology strategy and digital transformation. We have also worked with some of the leading technology firms and emerging health IT companies to transform their brands and accelerate growth.

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The Damo Consulting Team: Real-World Experience in Health IT + Recognized Thought Leadership in Healthcare

Paddy Padmanahban: Leadership Damo Consulting

Meet the Founder

 “I urge every one of my clients to think ahead and plan for technology-led business transformation and growth. In healthcare, digital transformation requires a lot of complex decision-making to determine the best technology and strategies. Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of problem solving that my team and I enjoy most. Along the way, I also get to connect and share insights with some of the brightest leaders in healthcare and technology through The Big Unlock podcast.”

Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting

  • 20+ years of experience in healthcare IT as senior leader with global consulting firms such as Accenture
  • Built and led a $150 Million IT consulting business, held leadership roles in successful healthcare analytics startups
  • Recognized for thought leadership in healthcare in the digital transformation and emerging technology space, publishes widely in leading industry and tech publications
  • Author of book “The Big Unlock”, host of The Big Unlock podcast featuring senior healthcare and technology executives

Board of Advisors

Edward Marx

Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic, Edward served as Senior Vice President/ CIO of Texas Health Resources. In 2015, he spent over two years as Executive Vice President of the Advisory Board, providing IT leadership and strategy for New York City Health & Hospital.

Edward began his healthcare service as a janitor while in high school where his commitment to patient care began. He later served as an anesthesia technician before transitioning to the information technology field. Concurrent with his healthcare career, Edward served as an Army combat medic before becoming a combat engineer officer.

John Glaser

Prior to Siemens, John was Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Partners HealthCare. He also previously served as Vice President of information systems at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He has been a Senior Advisor to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). He is the former Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Digital Health, World Economic Forum.

John is currently a member of the boards of InTouch Health, the American Telemedicine Association, the eHealth Initiative, PatientPing and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

The Team

Anand Sivaraman: Team Damo Consulting

Anand Sivaraman


Anand is an entrepreneur and co-founded technology startup WotNow and has held various leadership positions at Cognizant and WMS. Anand has built and lead couple of products/platforms from ideation through launch. Anand specializes in architecture, digital solutions and software delivery and lends his expertise and technical thought leadership to several customers.

Arpita Bose Das: Team Damo Consulting

Arpita Bose Das

Brand Transformation & Operations

She has worked with several organizations in the technology space and brings with her the experience of working with stakeholders across the marketing value chain.

Arpita is a graduate of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University. She has a Master’s in English and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Communications.

Deborah Kilgore: Team Damo Consulting

Deborah Kilgore

Healthcare Technology & Operations

She helps with delivery of value-based care and population health management to foster population health, improve patient engagement and access to care, and drive growth and integration in complex health care delivery organizations. She creates strategies and operating plans that deliver highly complex implementations of electronic health record and other clinical systems, in settings that include a major academic medical center, multi-specialty group practice, community hospitals and ambulatory health centers.

Dominick Grillas: Team Damo Consulting

Dominick Grillas

Technology Strategy and Sourcing

He held leadership positions in Europe and the USA with Cap Gemini, Keane and Wipro, driving technology and process outsourcing and reengineering, organizational design, strategy execution and IT redeployment for leading Fortune 500 clients.

Author of numerous articles, white papers and methodology manuals, Dominick is a regular speaker at events and conferences, including topics blending technology and business such as Risk Management and Strategic Agility.

Dominick is a graduate of Bordeaux University (France) with multiple BAs and a Pocket MBA by Boston University / Questrom School of Business, in addition to numerous technology certifications.

John Marzano: Team Damo Consulting

John A Marzano

Growth Strategy Advisory

John has worked principally in the fields of hospital/health networks at four major health systems, sports marketing and youth recreation for mid-size and Fortune 100 companies. He has worked in both B2C and B2B, with a focus on multi-channel marketing. John’s consulting expertise includes crisis communications and media training, sports marketing and cultivating community partnerships. He is also specially trained in the evaluation and talent building of company marketing departments to meet the changing needs of a demand generation and traditional marketing mix.

John holds a BA from Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, and earned a certificate in Executive Leadership from the Center for Professional Development at Georgetown University.

Linda Pendergast Savage: Team Damo Consulting

Linda Pendergast-Savage

Media Relations

She has a strong track record in strategic communications planning and program execution. Her work on behalf of clients in these markets, has resulted in coverage in national business press, such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Associated Press; and major trade publications.

Sanjith: Team Damo Consulting

Sanjith Kumar

Technology and Design

While Sanjith is adept at using any software design with ease, he prefers working with Adobe Creative Suite and making websites on WordPress.

Sharanya Anandraj: Team Damo Consulting

Sharanya Anandraj


She has worked with several organizations and have helped them with market research in biotechnology, pharma, healthcare, and technology. She is a keen learner and is passionate about new tools and skills.

Sharanya is a graduate from Drury University, Springfield, MO, USA. She also holds a Master’s in Molecular Biology from Bangalore University.