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Damo Consulting is a growth strategy and digital advisory firm that works with healthcare enterprises and global technology companies. We help develop and implement digital transformation strategies and enable market growth strategies. We specialize in thought-leadership led brand transformation and actionable healthcare market intelligence.

Book: The Big Unlock

Big unlock

Damo Consulting CEO Paddy Padmanabhan’s book The Big Unlock – Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-Based Care Era is a handbook for digital health executives in health systems, and for technology providers. The book provides valuable insights into healthcare’s digital transformation …

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Market Insights

Big unlock

Our second annual report on global technology consulting firms in the healthcare space tells us one thing: traditional technology consulting firms struggled in 2017 in the healthcare segment. Aspects covered in the WITCH Report include financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, customer wins, strategic partnerships..

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Thought Leadership

Digital health's last mile problem

Digital health’s last mile problem

The digital health landscape suffers from a highly fragmented ecosystem of point solutions and a surfeit of big technology firms with no real solutions to deploy with speed and scale. However, there are a few ways to address the challenges…

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Client Stories


Digital transformation strategy for a nationally known health system

The client is one of the best-known brands in high quality healthcare delivery and a trusted healthcare partner in their local and regional markets. One of their enterprise priorities is to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies…

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Healthcare is in the middle of an industry transformation. As a CIO or CXO, one of your key priorities is to develop and execute a digital transformation roadmap for your enterprise. Here is how we help ….

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Growth Strategy & Enablement

As a CEO or head of a healthcare technology business, your primary objective is growth acceleration. To achieve your goals, you will need to transform your brand and align with market priorities. Here is how we help …

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Brand Tranformation & Thought Leadership

Thought-leadership led branding and marketing is a high priority for technology firms. Learn how you can leverage our DamoDigital™ content marketing platform to execute a thought leadership program at scale…

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Research & Market Intelligence

Technology firms & healthcare CXO’s need timely and relevant market intelligence to gain informational advantage over competition. Our DamoIntel™ research framework provides you with actionable, high quality research ….

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