Healthcare Growth Advisory

  • The WITCH Report: 2017 Annual Review

    A review of the financial and market performance of global technology firms in healthcare

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Damo Consulting is a healthcare growth advisory firm that works with healthcare enterprises and technology firms. We enable market growth strategies, specialize in thought leadership content marketing solutions, and provide healthcare market intelligence and research.

The Big Unlock

Big unlock

The Big Unlock refers to the massive opportunity unfolding in healthcare from the digitization of patient medical records and the emerging tsunami of data from a wide range of medical and non-medical sources, especially unstructured data such as text and speech…

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Healthcare Market Insights

The WITCH Report-HCIT Annual Review

Our second annual report on global technology consulting firms in the healthcare space tells us one thing: traditional technology consulting firms struggled in 2017 in the healthcare segment.Aspects covered in the WITCH Report include financial performance,…

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Thought Leadership


3 takeaways from HIMSSanity in Las Vegas

Another annual ritual of networking, hyperbole and celebration comes to a close for the Healthcare Information…

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Digital Transformation Strategy

As a CIO or CXO, your mandate is to drive operating efficiencies and accelerate technology-led innovation. You need a partner with deep knowledge of technology markets to help you with strategic choices. Here is how we help….

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Growth Strategy & Enablement

As a senior technology business executive, you need to drive revenue strategy, client development and operations – while leveraging external healthcare industry experience and expertise to enable growth. Here is how we help …

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Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

Damo Consulting’s survey of the healthcare IT market outlook for 2017 indicated that the majority of tech firms plan to increase investments in content marketing. Learn how our DamoDigital™ content platform can help …

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Research & Market Intelligence

Technology firms & healthcare CXO’s need timely and relevant market intelligence to gain informational advantage over competition. Our DamoIntel™ research framework provides you with actionable, high quality research ….

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