Case study

Digital Transformation Strategy And Roadmap For A Nationally Known Health Enterprise

The client is one of the best-known brands in high-quality healthcare delivery and a trusted healthcare partner in their local and regional markets. One of their enterprise priorities is to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and drive the digital transformation of the system.

Business Case

The client was increasingly aware of the rapid transformation of care delivery models, and the need to adopt new technology-led models to engage with patients. There was also an urgent need to engage with caregivers to enable them to become more effective in care delivery, reduce burnout, and improve patient satisfaction. The system already had several digital initiatives in progress, however they needed to develop an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy that covered all parts of the health system.

Approach and results

Over a period of several months, we worked with a cross-functional group of senior leaders in the organization to develop a vision for digital transformation and develop a digital transformation roadmap for the enterprise. Using a set of tools including journey maps, internal surveys, and interactive workshops, these initiatives were prioritized for investment. The final roadmap was one of the most comprehensive in the healthcare industry and has laid the foundation for growth and sustained profitability for the enterprise.

The digital roadmap considered several best practices and dependencies, including the enterprise readiness, technology infrastructure, and a robust analytics foundation among other things. Technical debt in the form of long-pending investments in upgrades to systems of records and core infrastructure became important considerations, not just for roadmap implementation dependencies but also for investment allocations.

At the end of the engagement, the client had a comprehensive plan for implementing the digital roadmap, with an identified set of strategic technology partners, and a framework for collaborative development and deployment of digital health solutions.

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