Case study

Digital innovation strategy and capabilities assessment for an academic medical center

The client is a multi-state, nonprofit health system affiliated to one of the oldest universities in the country. The digital innovation group was mandated to create innovative products, services and business models, and reposition the health system as a consumer-focused, digital-ready and innovative organization. The objective is to improve the lives of millions of patients and thousands of students each year. 

Business Case: Assess their internal customer needs and prepare a roadmap of digital transformation initiatives for the enterprise

The digital innovation group wanted to assess their internal customer needs and prepare a roadmap of digital initiatives for the enterprise. The group also wanted to perform a self-assessment of the group’s internal capabilities as well as the partner network to assess readiness for future needs for the health system.  Damo Consulting was invited to conduct an inventory of current digital health initiatives, evaluate the current set of technology partnerships, and assess the current organization structure and resources.  

Approach and results: Conducted an exhaustive inventory of the client’s digital health initiatives and completed a comprehensive evaluation of nearly 30 technology vendors

Damo Consulting’s research team conducted an exhaustive inventory of the clients digital health initiatives over the previous 5 years and benchmarked the initiatives against the top digital initiatives at peer group health systems across the country. Through a series of internal workshops, we developed an action plan to conduct a voice-of-customer survey among internal customers for the innovation group. The inputs from the survey, which covered the use of technology-enabled solutions for improving patient experiences, would be used to develop a set of capabilities and initiatives to support the groups. Using our ICEATM framework, Damo Consulting also completed a comprehensive evaluation of nearly 30 technology vendors contracted to provide a range of solutions. Based on the evaluation, we provided the client with recommendations for renewing or replacing specific vendors, along with an identification of gaps in capabilities that the client would need to address for meeting the organization’s future needs . Finally, we delivered an assessment of the org structure and capabilities of the innovation group, focusing on unique competencies that could be expanded for driving the digital innovation mandate for the group.  

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