McConnell unveiled his Hail Mary pass this week on a new healthcare bill, designed to accommodate the wish list of all manner of conservative Senators and ignoring everyone else. The NYT calls it a “scary new bill” and the Commonwealth Fund has concluded it will still leave millions uninsured. Here’s a nifty infographic that highlights the big differences between the bill and the ACA it looks to replace.

Sci-fi writer William Gibson is said to have said that the future is already here, only it’s unevenly distributed. That seems to be a perfect description of the state of adoption rates for AI technologies in healthcare. In my latest blog in CIO, I discuss the emerging use cases for AI in healthcare based on Damo Consulting’s work with major global tech firms. A recent report by Accenture on AI in healthcare estimates it to be $ 150 billion opportunity for healthcare that’s growing at over 40% a year and is expected to be a $ 6.6 billion market in 2021.

Earnings season for tech firms kicked off this week with Infosys announcing results for fiscal Q1. My initial take: top line is growing in line with the trend for the last few quarters, the bottom line is flat to negative. Demand for IT firms seems to be coming at a price. We will be covering the results in detail as part of the quarterly analysis (you can download our last one here).

As B2B tech firms grapple with the changing dynamics of buyer behavior and engagement, the marketing function is gaining importance in generating brand visibility and buzz to get in front of the buying cycle. Thought leadership content is playing a big role in this. Our latest eBook describes the 5 best practices in winning the battle for attention in the B2B tech space.

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