Whose favorite band is the Allman Brothers and wanted to be a blues guitar player but ended up being CEO of one of the world’s biggest companies? John Flannery, who put GE Healthcare on the high-growth track in the last few years, takes over as the new boss of GE from August 1.

It came to light that $730 million was paid out erroneously as Meaningful Use incentives by the CMS. That’s about 12% of MU payments. Inadequate documentation reviews were identified as a possible reason why the MU program was exposed to abuse.

New FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb holds forth on mobile app regulations, and new ONC chief Don Rucker’s first official blog is all about – you guessed it, interoperability.

1 in 20 Americans racks up as much in medical bills as the remaining 19 combined. These are the Platinum Patients that the Atlantic has started covering in its new series. Among the initial observations: there is no one demographic that represents this cohort – they include the young and the old, rich and poor, insured and uninsured.

Look before you spit (into your 23andMe genetic tests). A useful primer on what to expect from a direct-to-consumer genetic test. The bottom line: It may not tell you a whole lot with certainty but it will certainly freak you out.

Idle speculation or smoke? Apple’s eyes are on Athena Health, it appears.