Case study

Integrated and Unified Marketing Helps Centium Meet Sales Target


Our client, a B2B technology company headquartered in Boston, provides business information systems solutions, business intelligence solutions, and application maintenance outsourcing to customers in diverse industries.

The company’s inbound and outbound marketing operations were previously managed in-house with manual processes that required significant effort and involvement from senior leadership. The company decided to engage Damo Consulting Inc. to implement an automated marketing operations program that would maintain a steady cadence of campaigns and deliver quality leads at the top of the funnel, enabling sales leaders to focus on conversion which resulted in generating more customers.

The program was also conceived as a branding effort to support the company’s growth strategy.

As part of marketing operations program, Damo Consulting

1. Designed and implemented a set of processes to drive campaigns and generate inbound interest

2. Deployed and customized a leading marketing operations platform, and worked as an extended team

3. Aggregated and organized the prospect database; We transformed the raw database into various segments based on their industry and time zones.

4. Generated reports (weekly) and set up a regular cadence of meetings and communications to update the client on progress, recommend course corrections for ongoing and planned campaigns, and analyzing the campaign responses

Over a period of three quarters, the program delivered the following results for the client:

Damo Consulting is an extended part of our marketing team. With their support, we have been able to scale up and execute more campaigns than we were able to achieve earlier. Having them as a reliable partner has allowed me to focus on strategy and client engagement.

– Brian Denham, President, Centium Consulting

Other significant achievements include the following:

  • Generated a significant increase in qualified leads through outbound email marketing , with an open rate of over 26% and click rates of over 2%.

  • Enhanced engagement with prospects, developed and converted two prospects into paying clients during this period.

  • Improved processes and campaign effectiveness and delivered steady increases in Open rate and click-through rate (CTR), boosted conversion rate

  • Contributed to meeting sales target

Damo Consulting continues to support the client as a strategic extension of their growth strategy execution and market-facing operations.

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