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The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader Weekly Newsletter: Issue #136

November 22, 2021 I Issue #136

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Digital Health in the News

Talkspace leaders depart as company’s growth falls short of expectations

The company’s co-founders are leaving the company as it struggles with retention and billing, with revenue coming short of expectations for the quarter. In the interim, Chairman Doug Braunstein will lead the company. MedCity News

A telehealth effort to treat PTSD and bipolar disorder in rural areas showed ‘huge gains.’ Now comes the hard part

A multiyear effort to pipe big-city mental health providers to rural communities over video accomplished a trifecta of telehealth victories: It reached people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to mental health care; it tackled difficult diagnoses that don’t have simple answers; and it stretched how many people the most skilled providers can treat. Now comes the inevitable question that follows any technology breakthrough: Does it scale? STAT News 

It’s time for individuals — not doctors or companies — to own their health data

Health data should be like a mountain stream, flowing in a single direction with a clear purpose: improving health and medical outcomes. Instead, it’s a complex puzzle that only data scientists and physicians can meaningfully put together and use. STAT News 

Amazon, Vocera team up on new Alexa skill for patients in hospitals 

The new skill will let patients verbally communicate with caregivers through Amazon Echo. MobiHealth News 

The biggest healthcare data breaches of 2021 

More than 40 million patient records have been compromised this past year by incidents reported to the federal government in 2021. Healthcare IT News 

SCAN launches in-home, virtual primary care medical group

SCAN Group has launched a new primary care medical group aimed at reaching seniors with a combination of virtual and in-home services. Fierce Healthcare 

This Week in The Big Unlock Podcast

Srulik Dvorsky, Co-founder and CEO of TailorMed, discusses how healthcare organizations can improve patients’ financial management and enable the chronically ill to reduce their out-of-pocket costs and financial burden, thereby enhancing access to care.

Previous episodes

Healthcare must embrace the cloud. That is where all the technology innovations are happening.

B.J. Moore, EVP and CIO of Providence, Health discusses how strategizing with the leadership at Providence and drawing on his tech experience has helped his team usher in digital transformation in a change-averse domain

Data is the key to simplifying complex operational processes in digital healthcare

Jason Considine, Chief Business Development Officer at Experian Health, discusses the critical role of data in digital healthcare systems.

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Today in Health IT podcast with Paddy Padmanabhan at the CHIME Fall Forum 21

In this podcast, Paddy Padmanabhan discusses the state of digital health and how it will play out in healthcare with host Bill Russell. Podcast Recording

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Reimagine Patient Journeys Through Whole-Person Care

In this webinar, Paddy Padmanabhan and Craig Thomas of Sanitas USA, discuss how the pandemic has amplified the need to accelerate the transformation of provider organizations, the barriers that hamper providers from achieving success, and more. View the session recording here. Session recording

Chart of the week

Number Of healthcare data breaches – By month, through October 2021

Damo Thought Leadership and Media Mentions

Cerner creates new division to sell data, research services for clinical trials

The unlocking of patient data from EHR systems is the next frontier in digital health innovation. Paddy Padmanabhan shares his thoughts on Cerner’s new data-as-a-service offering in this piece. Modern Healthcare

What do frontline caregivers want from digitized healthcare?

This article explores the impact and effects of digital transformation on frontline caregivers and what they want from digitized healthcare to make a difference in their lives as caregivers. Article

Is healthcare too hard for Big Tech firms?

With Google Health and Apple both reported to be, respectively, closing down and scaling back their healthcare efforts, it’s worth asking just how disruptive consumer technology companies can be in this hugely complex and fragmented industry. Blog

Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, Technology, And Pandemic Are Accelerating the Future

The book by Paddy Padmanabhan that provides actionable insights on developing enterprise digital roadmaps and implementing digital health solutions at every touchpoint in a consumer’s journey. Book 

Other Stuff We're Reading

How America’s largest Catholic hospital system is moonlighting as a private equity firm

Heath systems following aggressive investment strategies will increasingly come under scrutiny about the nature of their investments. STAT News

Why Health-Care Workers Are Quitting In Droves

About one in five health-care workers has left their job since the pandemic started. This is their story—and the story of those left behind. The Atlantic

Digital Health Funding, M&A

Ascension Ventures leads $77M fundraise in wearable for tremors

Cala Health, a company with a wearable device for essential tremor, recently raised $77 million in funding. It plans to expand to more indications and seek more coverage of its device with the funds. MedCity News 

Healthcare provider data network H1 snags $100M 

The company plans to use the new money to invest in its data and building out its products. MobiHealth News 

Ribbon Health brings in nearly $44 million in funding

Ribbon Health, a startup that allows healthcare companies to build workflows around its provider data platform, has raised $43.5 million in new financing, according to a news release. Modern Healthcare 

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Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.