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Thursday, October 21, 2021 | 11:30 AM PT/ 1:30 PM CT/ 2:30 PM ET

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It’s no secret that the pandemic accelerated investment in transformative healthcare technologies, such as telehealth. And before the pandemic, healthcare organizations were exploring or investing in retail-like digital experiences to improve patient engagement, satisfaction, retention, acquisition, and revenue.

As they continue to navigate the pandemic, however, providers are recognizing that investing tactically in transformative technologies won’t foster the holistic digital transformation they now need. The pandemic disrupted fee-for-service business models, encouraging a closer look at how payment models based on managing a population could be an effective, even better way of running their business.

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The result: digital transformation is taking on a larger and more strategic scope in providers’ minds, with a growing focus on the role of data in the success or failure of clinical, financial, and engagement outcomes.

Join industry experts Paddy Padmanabhan, Founder and CEO of Damo Consulting and the author of best-selling “Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future,” and Craig Thomas, CEO of Sanitas USA, to learn more about how the pandemic has amplified the need to accelerate the transformation of provider organizations; the barriers that hamper providers from achieving success, and how to overcome them; and how getting the data model right can be the fulcrum to unleashing a transformation holistically across the enterprise.   

You will learn:
  • The industry often lumps digital transformation solely in the context of consumer engagement using a retail-like sales model – driven by the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Uber. How can organizations navigate patient engagement within a far more complex sector like healthcare?
  • How can digital technology enable digital transformation at the front- and back-end of healthcare operations? How can providers effectively navigate the transition to virtual models of value-based care?
  • Interoperability across systems, care settings, and engagement settings is a significant gating factor in every provider organization. What’s the role of legacy systems, the EHR, SDoH data, etc., in the digital transformation process?
  • What do we mean by centralized governance in a digital technology strategy? What’s the role of centralized governance, and how does it help ensure a provider maximizes the value of these technology investments?
  • How can health systems develop digital transformation roadmaps to meet patient needs and realize overall organizational growth? What are the steps to take, and what are the pitfalls to avoid? What are the common mistakes we see providers making in the process?


<h5 style="color:black !important;">Paddy Padmanabhan</h5>

Paddy Padmanabhan

CEO, Damo Consulting Inc.

Paddy Padmanabhan is the Founder and CEO of Damo Consulting Inc., a digital transformation and growth advisory firm focused on the healthcare sector. Paddy is an award-winning business leader and entrepreneur with deep experience in healthcare technology markets. He is the author of the best-selling book Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future (Taylor and Francis, Aug 2020). Paddy has had a distinguished career in leadership roles with global organizations such as GE and Accenture and has been a founding member of startups that had successful exits. Over the past 20 years, he has worked extensively as a technology strategist and trusted advisor to C-suite executives in large health systems and digital health firms.

Paddy is a widely published thought leader on technology-led transformation in healthcare. He is the author of a previous best-selling book The Big Unlock – Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-based Care Era (Archway Publishing, 2017). He is the host of the highly subscribed podcast The Big Unlock featuring C-level executives from the healthcare and technology sectors. He has a by-lined column in CIO Magazine on digital health technology trends and is frequently quoted in respected industry publications. Paddy is a sought-after speaker on digital transformation and has spoken at leading conferences and company events.

Paddy is a graduate of the executive management program of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, and a B.S in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. 

<h5 style="color:black !important;">Craig Thomas</h5>

Craig Thomas

Co-Founder and CEO, Lucerna Health and Sanitas Executive Consultant

Lucerna Health Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder. A successful senior health care executive with over 30 years of experience in a variety of executive roles with major health companies. Former President of GuideWell Connect, a health consumer marketing, sales and engagement company. Craig also held Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer roles at GuideWell, Florida Blue and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. As President of GuideWell Connect, Craig led the launch of the company and the development of new products and services resulting in significant growth in the health plan market. In his Chief Strategy role at GuideWell, Craig helped initiate and drive the establishment of GuideWell Mutual, a health solutions enterprise, enter the health care delivery market through acquisitions and joint ventures, and enter the Medicaid market. As the Chief Marketing Officer at GuideWell, Craig led the successful rebranding of Florida Blue and the establishment of retail solutions including retail centers and direct to consumer products.

<h5 style="color:black !important;">David Nace MD</h5>

David Nace MD

Chief Medical Officer at Innovaccer, Former VP & CMO at Aetna, & Former VP at McKesson

Dr. David Nace is the Chief Medical Officer at Innovaccer where its category creating healthcare data activation platform is on a mission to organize healthcare information and make it accessible, useful, and actionable. Dr. Nace has over 25 years of executive management experience in large healthcare systems, payer health plans, and leading healthcare provider and health information technology organizations. With strong collaborative and cross-functional leadership skills, he previously served as SVP, CMO with United Health Group and VP, CMO with Aetna, and CMO at McKesson. Dr. Nace earned his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.