Healthcare Enterprises Accelerate Transformation with Damo Consulting

Enabling Digital Transformation for Healthcare

At Damo Consulting, we help accelerate digital transformation for healthcare systems across the United States. From developing an enterprise strategy to designing and implementing digital roadmaps, our clients can prioritize high-impact initiatives that maximize budgetary allocations and create a more resilient organization for the future.

An Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategy Is Vital for Improved Organizational Performance

Regulatory and market factors are escalating the urgency of change. These market pressures demand a response.

  • Accountable Care: Healthcare enterprises must measurably improve health outcomes while maintaining operating margins in the era of value-based care.
  • Healthcare Consumerism: Health systems must provide better experiences for patients looking for digital health tools that enable healthcare services at a time, place, and modality of their choosing.
  • Competitive Landscape: Emerging competition from non-traditional players as well as big technology firms is changing the dynamics of the marketplace. Health systems must reimagine their primary care relationships with digitally enabled tools and processes to provide a superior experience.

Damo Consulting provides healthcare leadership with robust strategies and actionable digital roadmaps to effectively address these challenges through digital innovation programs. The roadmaps and strategies we develop are built on decades of experience and deep healthcare market insights.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Damo Consulting helps build the business case for transformation by understanding stakeholder expectations, evaluating the benefits of digital health investments, prioritizing initiatives, and delivering measurable ROI in alignment with organizational goals. 
Our clients can:
  • Develop a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap to better serve patients and caregivers

  • Develop digital platform architectures and identify technology components and partnerships

  • Show measurable improvements in patient outcomes, caregiver productivity, and administrative efficiencies by implementing an enterprise digital roadmap

Enterprise Digital Platforms and Technology Selection

Based on our deep insights on the health IT and digital health marketplace, we help our clients evaluate their digital platform architecture choices and identify the right technology partnerships for executing the strategy.
Our clients can:
  • Reimagine workflows and business processes, improve the quality of healthcare experiences, and reduce operating costs

  • Make the most of existing IT investments and identify areas for upgrades or new technology solutions to meet enterprise digital goals

  • Create alignment between digital and IT teams, removing roadblocks to implementation of digital strategy and roadmaps

Digital Innovation Strategy and Roadmaps

Damo Consulting offers innovation strategy, insights, and startup ecosystem research & evaluation to help health systems harness internal and external innovation to execute digital roadmaps.
Our clients can:
  • Develop innovation roadmaps and prioritize investments to position themselves as top-tier digitally enabled healthcare enterprises

  • Secure more funding for innovation and identify the right opportunities with due diligence and market insight

  • Limit loss of market share to emerging, non-traditional competitors by accelerating digital transformation

Incremental Change Is No Longer an Option. Set the Stage for Enterprise Digital Transformation.

Explore Damo Consulting’s advisory services and our unique approach to digital transformation for healthcare enterprises.

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