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The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader Weekly Newsletter: Issue #133

November 02, 2021 I Issue #133

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Digital Health in the News

Amazon’s Latest Healthcare Venture: Bringing Alexa To The Patient’s Bedside
Amazon is striking partnerships with hospitals and senior living communities to bring its Alexa devices into patients’ rooms. Forbes

After buying MDLive, Cigna will launch its own virtual-first health plan
Cigna is the latest insurer to join the trend, announcing on Tuesday that it plans to offer a virtual-first health plan to select employers. MedCity News

The stirrings of revolt: Hospitals nationwide are sidestepping health record giants to better harness patient data
Spurred by increasingly valuable digital health products and imperatives for data sharing laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic, health systems are forming their own companies that directly compete with products and services provided by the same major electronic health record vendors they’ve been locked in deals with for years. STAT News

Northwell Direct leads and rides the trend of direct contracting in the self-insured market
CEO Nick Stefanizzi says what’s different, even from Haven, is that there are providers in these organizations. Healthcare Finance News

This Week in The Big Unlock Podcast

In this 100th episode of the podcast, Unity Stoakes, Co-founder and President of StartUp Health discusses about their life-long mission to improve people’s health and well-being worldwide and how the healthcare landscape has witnessed significant changes over the last ten years. 

Previous episodes

The healthcare delivery model is changing from hospital being within four walls to getting distributed and virtualized

Amit Phadnis, Chief Digital Officer of GE Healthcare reflects on how a geographical transition and a change in domain from IT networking to healthcare has worked out for him and shares his learnings from this shift.

Traditional care relationships cannot be replaced, but virtual care can provide extra support to patients

Darshak Sanghavi, MD, Global Chief Medical Officer of Babylon Health talks about how digital healthcare providers can deliver on the sales promise they make about bringing affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone.

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5th Annual ConV2X 2021: Impacting Consumer Loyalties in the New Health Data Economy – Fair Data Strategies, Innovation, Trust & Trends
In this session, our CEO Paddy Padmanabhan will discuss data strategies, innovation, trust, and trends impacting consumer loyalties in the new health data economy. Upcoming

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Reimagine Patient Journeys Through Whole-Person Care
In this webinar, Paddy Padmanabhan and Craig Thomas of Sanitas USA, discuss how the pandemic has amplified the need to accelerate the transformation of provider organizations, the barriers that hamper providers from achieving success, and more. View the session recording here. Session recording

Damo Consulting Thought Leadership and Research

Cerner creates new division to sell data, research services for clinical trials
The unlocking of patient data from EHR systems is the next frontier in digital health innovation. Paddy Padmanabhan shares his thoughts on Cerner’s new data-as-a-service offering in this piece. Modern Healthcare

What do frontline caregivers want from digitized healthcare?

This article explores the impact and effects of digital transformation on frontline caregivers and what they want from digitized healthcare to make a difference in their lives as caregivers. Article

Is healthcare too hard for Big Tech firms?

With Google Health and Apple both reported to be, respectively, closing down and scaling back their healthcare efforts, it’s worth asking just how disruptive consumer technology companies can be in this hugely complex and fragmented industry. Blog

Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, Technology, And Pandemic Are Accelerating the Future

The book by Paddy Padmanabhan that provides actionable insights on developing enterprise digital roadmaps and implementing digital health solutions at every touchpoint in a consumer’s journey. Book

Other Stuff We're Reading

Cures Act Presents Clinician Burden Challenges, EHR Inbox Volume
The implementation of 21st Century Cures Act requirements nearly doubled EHR inbox volume, highlighting clinician burden and burnout concerns. EHR Intelligence

Why Jonathan Bush thinks digital will upend primary care
Bush discusses his new company Zus and what tech-first providers need right now. MobiHealthNews

Digital Health Funding, M&A

23andMe snaps up prescription platform Lemonaid Health for $400M
Consumer genetics company 23andMe has signed a definitive agreement to acquire telehealth and online prescription platform Lemonaid Health for $400 million. MobiHealthNews

Northwell Health, Aegis team up to launch AI-focused joint venture
The joint venture will bring resources together — including the clinical expertise of Northwell and the commercialization capabilities of Aegis — to develop AI companies that address issues in quality, health equity and other crises in healthcare. MedCity News

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Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.