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Digital transformation strategy and roadmaps: The Cleveland Clinic experience – webinar

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Digital transformation requires alignment across multiple stakeholder groups and building systems of engagement by reimagining the overall health care experience from the point of view of patient and caregiver journeys.

However, healthcare is in the early stages of digital transformation. Executing a digital strategy requires alignment with organizational goals, a best-of-breed information technology architecture, a robust governance model, and investment in emerging technologies.

In this session, the speakers will discuss how the Cleveland Clinic is executing a digital transformation roadmap and present findings from recent research by Damo Consulting on the state of digital in healthcare.

Learning objectives

    1. The current state of digital in healthcare
    2. Best practices in developing an enterprise digital strategy and roadmap
    3. Learnings from Cleveland Clinic’s digital transformation journey

Originally published and hosted at CHIME

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Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmaps: The Cleveland Clinic Experience

Session speaker(s)

Ed Marx
CIO, Cleveland Clinic

Paddy Padmanabhan
CEO, Damo Consulting