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Paddy Padmanabhan

A muted HIMSS comes to an end

Monday, August 16, 2021

Issue 126

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HIMSS2021 was unusual, to say the least. For the first time, I found myself presenting to an in-person audience through a Zoom interface, with an in-person moderator introducing the presenters. By all accounts, many of the HIMSS sessions were all-virtual or a hybrid of virtual and in-person sessions. A small number were pre-recorded sessions. As a speaker, I must add that the experience was smoother than I expected, with even a lively real-time Q&A.

Without actually attending the event, the only way to feel the pulse of the conference is to read the media stories on some of the session themes.

For this week’s newsletter, the Damo team has curated a set of articles on the HIMSS event with a focus on the coming of age of telehealth and digital health. The sessions spoke to the coming of age of digital health and telehealth in a year marked by the turmoil of the pandemic. Digital health and digital front door solutions can paradoxically reduce and increase the burden on consumers and caregivers. The frantic pace of VC-funding and M & A has left small companies with unusual market power in setting prices for transactions. Despite the uncertainties of reimbursement, telehealth may be our best chance at solving health inequities.

The sessions at HIMSS underscored the importance of technology as an enabler for the healthcare model of the future – but then, this is a conference for and by technology executives, so that should come as no surprise.

Have a great week.

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In this podcast, Paddy Padmanabhan discusses the evolving role of CIOs, telehealth reimbursement rates, and the role of consumerism in shaping healthcare experiences.

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In the feeding frenzy of health tech deal making, the little fish wield power

The fickle market only lets executives at healthcare startups control so much, but for companies ready to take the big step of cashing out, the timing’s never been better. STAT News

HIMSS Digital: Future is bright for payer-provider-pharma collaboration

The pandemic made collaboration necessary between stakeholders that otherwise tend to be at odds with each other. But as partnerships grow, providers, payers and pharma companies must ensure they are working toward a clear-cut common goal, according to panelists at HIMSS21 Digital. MedCity News

HIMSS Digital experts: Providers may once again face a ‘labyrinth’ of telehealth policies

Emergency rules during the COVID-19 pandemic have streamlined telehealth reimbursement and widened access. But after these flexibilities lift, experts said providers could face a maze of different licensing requirements and reimbursement rates. MedCity News

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Ransomware attacks can put a halt to a company’s operations and can affect multiple industries including healthcare systems. The aftermath of a ransomware attack is difficult to resolve as an organization tries to recover the network, income, and trust of its customers. Sponsored content by Paubox

Health systems see telehealth dip, but the tech is here to stay

At HIMSS21 innovation leaders from four health systems discuss how telehealth is changing at their centers. MobiHealth News

How the healthcare industry can use machine learning ethically

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are a new frontier for healthcare, but providers and researchers need to work to ensure they use these new technologies ethically. MobiHealth News

Is digital transformation in healthcare contributing to provider burnout?

A group of former and current providers convened in a HIMSS21 Global Conference Digital Session to discuss how digital transformation can be both contributing to and alleviating burnout. MobiHealth News

HIMSS21: Hospitals, payers and startups clamoring to be ‘digital front door,’ and it’s overwhelming patients

Microsoft rolled out new health data services for its healthcare cloud platform, including the ability to share multiple data types in the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources format. Becker’s Hospital Review

Securing the new hybrid health ecosystem needs IT and clinical collaboration

The remote work arrangements necessitated by the global pandemic have had a tremendous impact on healthcare security, said health system CISOs during HIMSS21 Digital. Healthcare IT News

Digital transformation can reduce burnout – and cause it

Healthcare workers are facing a crossroads as new technologies offer opportunities for better care, but avalanches of data and consumer expectations for quicker connections are raising stress levels. Healthcare IT News

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Enterprise Digital Transformation: The Geisinger Experience

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The Healthcare QualityCast: Unlocking the Healthcare Digital Transformation with Paddy Padmanabhan

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Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.