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Paddy Padmanabhan

The FOMO-fueled frenzy of digital health funding

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Issue 111

Forget crypto. If you are desperately trying to unwind your position in Bitcoin and watching Coinbase shares swoon in the aftermath of the IPO, you can always turn to digital health.

VC firm Rock Health’s quarterly report on digital health funding pointed to another blowout performance by digital health startups that are collecting money at a faster pace than ever before. Big VC firms now have dedicated partners focusing on digital health. Money is being thrown out like confetti – and not to mention their close cousin, SPACs – on startups. Party like it’s 1999?

Maybe not. Amidst all the supposedly rational exuberance, it helps to sometimes pay attention to stories that contradict the popular narrative. A survey by Forrester Research among 40 clinicians points to one of the biggest challenges for digital health startups. The study suggests that clinicians have no interest in looking at patient-reported data. In their words, “These products neither promise nor deliver healthcare. Why? They offer data, not answers to consumer questions, diagnoses, or treatment suggestions to help restore one’s health.” The report points to reimbursement uncertainty for many of the solutions built on the data. It concludes with a sobering observation: Consumer technology and data may never play a leading role in helping physicians provide healthcare.

All of this may put a damper on the much-awaited explosion of innovation from the implementation of the CMS interoperability ruling that allows patients to share their data with app developers to build new solutions.

And what does all this mean for digital health companies that have already raised a ton of money and now have to deliver shareholder returns? Throw some of it at acquisitions, of course. Which is what public company Accolade did last week, announcing it is buying Plush Healthcare, a primary care provider with $35 million in revenues, for $450 million in cash, stock, and performance milestones.

The one emerging trend to watch is the expanding digital health strategies of health plans focusing on health care delivery. Indeed, many digital health startups are turning their attention from providers to health plans as potential customers. The announcement of a 10-year JV between Highmark and ChristianaCare in Delaware is also a positive sign of growing cooperation between healthcare payers and providers. Highmark had also signed a multi-year deal recently with Verily platforms. 3-way collaborations between tech, health plans and providers may be what we need more of at this time. Maybe get the employers involved as well.

In my latest podcast episode, I interview David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Greenway Health. Take a listen. 

Have a great week.


Podcast of the Week

In this episode, David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer of Greenway Health, highlights the need for RCM service providers to scale up to meet the revenue cycle needs of the larger healthcare practices.

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This Week in Digital Health Markets

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Cerner will provide life insurers access to 54M+ patient records via MIB

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Accolade plans to acquire virtual primary care provider PlushCare in a $450M stock and cash deal

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Chart of the Week

Source: Rock Health


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Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.