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One year after


Monday, March 15, 2021

Issue 105


It’s exactly a year after the world officially declared a pandemic. During the initial months, we extensively covered the response in my podcast as a series titled Coronavirus Conversations. The entire healthcare ecosystem responded heroically to the crisis. Technology-enablement of care delivery took a leap forward with the rapid adoption of telehealth and virtual care models. The toilet paper armageddon did not happen, thankfully. Now, as we pass through a collective vaccine moment, we need to remain vigilant about the risks. We include this piece on the CDC’s guidelines for the vaccinated.

Last week, the art and tech world were shaken by the $69 million sale of a piece of digital art (the highest ever), sold as an NFT and paid for in crypto at a Christie’s auction. So, what is an NFT and what does it have to do with healthcare? I have included an article from WIRED that answers the first question. The answer to the second is, “I don’t know yet.” I was inspired enough to list one of my original music compositions as an NFT on Rarible, a marketplace for artists where you buy and sell using ETH, a cryptocurrency. Go ahead and place a bid.

In keeping with the offbeat content for this week’s newsletter, we have included a piece on the emerging telehealth market for pet care. As an owner of two cats (they own me, actually), I can attest to the market demand for these services. 

My firm just released the findings of our annual survey of CIO’s and CXO’s on the pace and maturity of digital transformation in healthcare. The research, conducted in collaboration with CHIME, has some interesting insights on how health systems are organizing themselves and driving transformational initiatives, and what the high priority items are today. Download your complimentary copy here.

In my latest podcast episode, I interview Josh Goode, CIO of SCAN Health Plan. Take a listen.  

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Podcast of the Week

In this episode, Josh Goode, CIO of SCAN Health Plan, discusses their digital programs, the patient population they serve, and how they evaluate digital technologies and deploy it at every stage of the care journey for improved outcomes.  


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This Week in Digital Health Markets

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidance for vaccinated people, giving the green light to resume some pre-pandemic activities and relax precautions that have been in place. NPR Health 

I share my thoughts in this piece by Casey Ross on lessons from the IBM Watson health story for AI providers in healthcare. STAT News

CEOs must now evaluate a changed and changing business for the longer term. And despite the enthusiasm for what cloud can do, executives across the C-suite have concerns. In this piece, the authors answer five key questions about cloud adoption on the minds of business leaders. HBR  

Last week, we included a piece on digital health companies as the target of  SPACs.  In this piece in HBR, the author points out that blank check companies raising funds through IPOs mirrors a pattern seen a decade ago with another controversial M&A practice. She argues why SPACs’ deal quality will fall, attracting intensified media and regulatory scrutiny, and the bubble will burst. HBR

Non-fungible tokens, digital art collectors, and what it’s like to sell one of your tweets. WIRED

Rita Khan has established the Center for Digital Health (CDH) and leads Mayo Clinic’s enterprise-wide digital strategy. Mayo Clinic Blog

A partner at one of the healthcare VC’s breaks down the solution provider landscape based on their investment portfolio and shares interesting insights on what it takes to scale virtual care. MedCity News 

These days, your pet can get medical help without leaving home. What took this so long? WIRED

Change Healthcare teamed up with AWS to offer a new data science as a service solution that can help health systems and life sciences organizations improve the effectiveness of interventions and therapies, particularly for underserved and vulnerable populations. Fierce Healthcare

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Chart of the Week



In this webinar, Paddy Padmanabhan and Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy and Business Development Officer of Providence Health will discuss a roadmap for digital transformation leaders looking to take an objective view of their progress and prioritize their investments to meet their enterprise goals.

Event details: March 24 | 02:00 pm ET 

Register hereUpcoming event 

Damo Consulting Thought Leadership and Research

Our annual survey on the current state of digital transformation, in collaboration with CHIME, reveals interesting insights on how health systems are prioritizing and funding digital initiatives in a post-COVID-19 era. DamoIntelTM Research 

Damo Consulting’s DigiMTM model is a framework that describes the different stages of digital maturity in the specific context of health systems. The framework is supported by an automated online evaluation tool that scores the digital programs of individual health systems and provides benchmarks to drive incremental investments and roadmap execution priorities. White Paper 

The monetization of healthcare data has been a long-pursued goal for tech firms and healthcare enterprises. Newly formed data collaboratives are taking a fresh approach. Blog 

CIOs need to look beyond just EHRs and explore stand-alone platforms to enhance care delivery – keeping focused on reliable patient data and streamlined clinical workflows. Blog 


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Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.

Sign me up for the latest news, trends, and insights from Damo.


Join the digital healthcare revolution. Stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights with Damo Consulting.