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Digital medicine is just medicine

January 13, 2020

In my latest podcast episode, I speak with Daniel Barchi, SVP and CIO of NewYork-Presbyterian health system, on a wide range of topics related to the current state of tech and digital transformation in healthcare. Daniel has been famously quoted for his statement that healthcare tech is “80% people, 15% process, and 5% technology.” He discusses the challenges of trying to tie together 20-plus years of legacy technology with emerging tech to move the enterprise forward in digital health. He informs us that in future, digital medicine will be referred to as just medicine. Take a listen.

As the annual J.P. Morgan healthcare conference gets underway in San Francisco, emerging technologies and VC-funded startups are in the limelight. VC funding levels for digital health dropped off from their 2018 highs. However, it looks like IPOs may be on the rise.

The potential for transformative technology-enabled solutions has never looked better. Astronauts removed a blood clot in space using telehealth, and voice-recognition emerged as a tool for identifying biomarkers for dementia and psychiatric disorders. The FDA is scrambling to keep pace with the market and regulate the participants.

The emergence of data-sharing agreements between health systems and big tech firms such as Google has sparked a new level of debate on privacy. We have included a piece by WSJ that examines the cloudy relationships with several leading health systems.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

Kaiser Permanente Bets on Smartwatches to Lower Costs

Digital health in action. Smart watches to monitor post-acute care.

What’s Ahead for 5G This Year

The value of 5G from a business perspective is yet to emerge.

Quantum Computing Remains a Challenge for Tech Firms

The current state of quantum computing. Bottom line: the tech is harder than it looks.

In 2019, digital health celebrated six IPOs as venture investment edged off record highs

The lowdown on digital health startups in 2019. VC investments declined but IPOs picked up nicely. It looks like more IPOs in 2020 already.

A Q&A with FDA’s Amy Abernethy on how the agency is grappling with digital health regulation

Interesting commentary on how the FDA is trying to get its arms around the fast-moving digital health space by Amy Abernethy.

Astronauts tap into telehealth to treat a blood clot

The future of healthcare. The sky really is the limit.

Pear Therapeutics licenses voice biomarkers for dementia and psychiatric disorders

Voice as a biomarker. Wow!

Inside Google’s Quest for Millions of Medical Records

Comprehensive overview of Google’s data sharing partnerships with health systems.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast -Episode #33: With Daniel Barchi, SVP and CIO, NewYork-Presbyterian

“Digital medicine is just medicine.”

The WITCH Monthly Monitor (December 2019)

Our monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare. It provides latest financial and market performance updates on WITCH companies along with other global IT consulting firms.

Damo Consulting announces inaugural Board of Advisors 

Damo Consulting is very pleased to welcome Ed Marx and John Glaser to our inaugural board of advisors.

White paper: What health systems must do to accelerate digital transformation

Our latest white paper explores how health systems can accelerate digital transformation.

The WITCH Report: 2019 Mid-Year Review

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology consulting firms in healthcare.

Research Report: The current state of healthcare digital transformation

Our latest research report explores the current state of digital transformation in healthcare.


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