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Looking forward to 2020

December 23, 2019

In my final blog for the year, I share my thoughts on what’s in store for digital health and digital transformation for the healthcare sector. As someone pointed out after reading my piece, the second law of thermodynamics prevails, which seems to be an accurate summary (I’ll be honest; I had to look it up again, even though I studied it as part of my Chemical Engineering coursework).

What do baseball batting averages have to do with care quality? For the answer, tune in to our final podcast for the year with Graham Gardner, Co-Founder and CEO of Kyruus, a digital health company that applies Moneyball tactics to improve patient access and quality of care.

In this final edition of our weekly newsletter for the year, we have curated my most read blogs and most downloaded podcast episodes of the year. Scroll down to check these out.

We’ve had a pretty good year and I want to thank our clients, our advisors, and our podcast guests for all their support and time during the year. Finally, I want to thank the Damo Consulting team who work hard every day to make our customers successful.

Oh, and did I mention I’m working on my second book? More to come in the new year.

To infinity and beyond. Happy holidays.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

Healthcare’s digital transformation: 5 predictions for 2020

Short of a “black swan” event, 2020 will see a slow but steady advance in the digital transformation of healthcare.

Hospital execs say they are getting flooded with requests for your health data

For tech companies, it’s always been about the data. Everyone wants to do a Google-Mayo type deal.

EHRs in 2019: Still a source of frustration, but getting better bit by bit

How to prepare for a post-EHR centered world.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #31: With Graham Gardner, Co-Founder and CEO, Kyruus 

“Even the small hospitals really do want to enable a modern consumer web experience today.”

Damo Consulting announces inaugural Board of Advisors

Damo Consulting is very pleased to welcome Ed Marx and John Glaser to our inaugural board of advisors.

The WITCH Monthly Monitor (November 2019)

Our monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare. It provides latest financial and market performance updates on WITCH companies along with other global IT consulting firms.

White paper: What health systems must do to accelerate digital transformation

Our latest white paper explores how health systems can accelerate digital transformation.

The WITCH Report: 2019 Mid-Year Review

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology consulting firms in healthcare.

Research Report: The current state of healthcare digital transformation 

Our latest research report explores the current state of digital transformation in healthcare.

Our most downloaded podcasts

Podcast – Episode #26: With Nader Mherabi, Chief Information Officer, NYU Langone Health

“We don’t want to improve patient experience at the expense of the clinician experience.”

Podcast – Episode #20: With Aaron Martin, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

“Our mission is to move consumers from an offline to an online relationship.”

Digital transformation in healthcare: my blog picks for the year

What is holding back digital health innovation?

Reimbursement, data interoperability, and risk aversion each have healthcare leaders second guessing technology-led innovations.

Voice-enablement: the next big wave in healthcare’s digital transformation journey

Voice is the most obvious next step of user interface that is going to radically change the way we interact with technology in healthcare services. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

Digital front doors – the new battleground for the healthcare consumer’s attention

A raft of new consumer-focused healthcare access solutions suggests intensifying competition for controlling the primary care experience.

The new innovation model: monetizing healthcare data

Healthcare enterprises are launching programs to monetize patient medical data by offering access to researchers and innovators. How these initiatives can benefit all stakeholders (or leave out some).

Digital health innovation: Addressing the two-canoe problem

How leading health systems are balancing their immediate priorities with investments for a digital future in a value-based care era.


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