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Human-centered design and digital health

November 25, 2019

As the quality of the healthcare “experience” becomes front and center in conversations about digital transformation and digital health, designing for that experience is becoming a critical skill. Taking lessons from the design pioneers of Silicon Valley, such as Apple, a whole slew of digital health startups is focusing in creating superior design in their offerings.

I am often challenged by design and tech firms I work with who believe design-led application development is a transferable skill and what has worked in banking or entertainment will work just as well for healthcare. In my latest blog in CIO, I discuss what a comprehensive view of human-centered design means, and why it is different in healthcare, starting with defining who the customer is.

EHR vendors have become favorite targets for explaining everything that’s gone wrong with tech in healthcare – burnout, poor user experience, and now patient safety. If lax oversight of EHR systems is concerning, think of AI-enabled clinical decisions.

The latest buzz word in digital health is ambient computing. Here’s how some health systems are experimenting with voice-recognition and AI to reduce physician workload.

We wish all our readers a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend ahead.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

How human-centered design is driving digital health

Healthcare tech has mostly focused on designing systems for claiming federal incentives in the past decade. Design thinking stands this logic on its head.

No safety switch: How lax oversight of EHRs puts patients at risk

Lax oversight of EHR is only the tip of the iceberg. Think of what AI-enabled clinical decisions could mean in the context of emerging data sources.

How AI in the Exam Room Could Reduce Physician Burnout

Ambient clinical intelligence is the new buzz-phrase. Voice recognition and passive data collection can reduce physician workload and improve patient experiences.

Salesforce warns the health industry: the tech world is eyeing your market

The much-awaited disruption of healthcare by tech firms hasn’t happened – yet. Why and how that could actually change.

The Delicate Balance of Making an Ecosystem Strategy Work

Ecosystem business models are emerging as competitive differentiators in fast changing business environments.

New Stanford Hospital Takes Holistic Approach to Technology

What the hospital of the future looks like.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #29: With Steve Miff, Chief Executive Officer, Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation

“Health begins where we live, work, play, pray.”

Damo Consulting announces inaugural Board of Advisors 

Damo Consulting is very pleased to welcome Ed Marx and John Glaser to our inaugural board of advisors.

The WITCH Monthly Monitor (October 2019)

Our monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare. It provides latest financial and market performance updates on WITCH companies along with other global IT consulting firms.

White paper: What health systems must do to accelerate digital transformation

Our latest white paper explores how health systems can accelerate digital transformation.

The WITCH Report: 2019 Mid-Year Review

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology consulting firms in healthcare.

Research Report: The current state of healthcare digital transformation 

Our latest research report explores the current state of digital transformation in healthcare.


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