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Taking care of patients first – and letting everything else follow

November 11, 2019

In my latest podcast episode, David Quirke, newly appointed CIO at Inova Health System, discusses his new role, their technology environment, high-level priorities, and the mission to provide world-class healthcare with every patient interaction.

David believes that successful organizations always put patients, quality, and the outcomes first and everything else follows. Technology at Inova is taken as an enabler to the patient experience. Inova Health’s approach to patient experience and digital transformation is focused on a suite of technologies rather than focusing on a specific technology.

Last week, I had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders at CHIME’s Annual Fall Forum in sunny Arizona. By every indication, leading health systems are continuing to invest heavily in digital health technologies that improve patient experience as well as administrative efficiencies. A couple of big sound bites for me:

“If all our beds are filled, we have failed” – Shafiq Rab, CIO, Rush Medical.

“Health IT is 80% people, 15% process, 5% IT” – Dan Barchi, CIO, New York-Presbyterian.

“Mama Doc” blogger Wendy Sue Swanson, former CMO of Seattle Children’s Hospital, gave an impassioned talk on fighting medical misinformation online. Author Eric Topol talked about how AI is moving the needle on improving care outcomes while acknowledging that there is a trust issue when it comes to black box algorithms.

Most corporations talk about how people are at the core of their organizations. We have included an interesting piece on how digital health company Livongo attracts talent, and another on how humans are “authenticity detection machines” who can see through the sloganeering.

In case you have not downloaded our latest paper on how health systems can accelerate digital transformation, follow this link.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

Geisinger’s Home Care Program Is Cutting Costs and Improving Outcomes

Insightful case study from Geisinger on integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources to deliver at-home care and address preventable costs of care.

NYU Langone Health innovators bring the rigor of research to digital health

NYU Langone sets up a Healthcare Innovation Bridging Research, Informatics, and Design (HiBRID) Lab to study how digital health innovations can be used to improve healthcare delivery and patient care.

Microsoft AI Tool Turns a Business’s Data Into Wikipedia-Like Snapshots

Microsoft’s latest AI tool could be huge for healthcare where 80% of data is unstructured, most of it in clinical notes.

Livongo’s founder says that tech workers want to work at mission-driven companies: ‘They come to us’

How a mission-driven culture attracts the best. Hint: it’s not about the money.

Helping Your Team Feel the Purpose in Their Work

“Humans are authenticity-detection machines.” How to bring purpose and passion to the teams you lead. I lead every day and I learn every day.

Why ‘ecosystems’ will be the 2020 leading health care buzzword

The future of healthcare, and indeed, all businesses, may be about developing efficient and effective ecosystems that deliver value to customers.

Population health tools may exacerbate health disparities

Optum’s flawed AI algorithm, reinforced by an excessive focus on high-cost patients, may have led to care inequalities.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #28: With David Quirke, Chief Information Officer, Inova Health System 

“Successful organizations put patients first and everything else follows.”

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Our monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare. It provides latest financial and market performance updates on WITCH companies along with other global IT consulting firms.

White paper: What health systems must do to accelerate digital transformation

Our latest white paper explores how health systems can accelerate digital transformation.

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A review of the financial and market performance of global technology consulting firms in healthcare.

Research Report: The current state of healthcare digital transformation 

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