Paddy Padmanahban: Leadership Damo Consulting

CEO, Damo Consulting


Medical director for distance health              Cleveland Clinic

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Event Information

We are delighted to announce that our CEO, Paddy Padmanabhan, will be speaking at SHSMD Connections 2019 on Tuesday, September 10. The session will outline internationally renowned Cleveland Clinic’s digital transformation strategy and will describe its digital road map for engaging patients and enabling caregivers. Audiences will learn about the tools and frameworks used and how a large group of cross-functional stakeholders came together to develop the roadmap, evaluate technology solutions, and harness internal and external innovation. The session speakers will share challenges and best practices in developing an enterprise digital strategy and the tradeoffs in developing a multi-year roadmap. Learning objectives:
  • Understanding the key elements of enterprise digital transformation
  • The Distance Health program at the Cleveland Clinic: learnings so far
  • Developing an innovation roadmap and evaluating technology choices

Damo Consulting shared research on the current state of digital, based on public information, surveys, as well as learnings from our consulting engagements with leading health systems such as Cleveland Clinic. We used the research to drive the discussion.

About SHSMD 19

SHSMD Connections is a leading event for establishing vital relationships and positioning your products and services effectively with healthcare strategy leaders. 1600+ healthcare marketing, strategic planning, communications and public relations professionals on site, of which 60% are director-level or above, and over 4000 SHSMD members from across the nation makes SHSMD Connections a great platform to deliver message to key decision makers in healthcare marketing, public relations and communications and strategic planning. Learn more about SHSMD Connections 2019.

About Damo Consulting

Damo Consulting is a growth strategy and digital transformation advisory firm focused exclusively on healthcare. We provide growth strategy consulting to help our clients accelerate market expansion. We work with healthcare enterprises on digital transformation, technology strategy and sourcing operations