August 12, 2019

In my latest podcast episode, Manu Tandon, CIO of The Harvard Medical School-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston discusses the benefits and challenges of being the only large health system in the country running a homegrown EHR system, and why they have not moved to one of the leading commercial EHR platforms. He also discusses why he’s “high” on cloud and why digital health innovation is more of an applied science. Startup founders take note.

Data sharing, interoperability, API’s – these topics continue to dominate the list of issues holding us back from unleashing digital health innovation. However, the use of AI and voice-enabled virtual agents in patient experience is growing.

The FDA’s Digital Health chief talks about how the agency is grappling with the regulation of AI algorithms in healthcare, and an interesting piece from Wired discusses a radical new approach to empowering consumers and researchers with data access to pursue AI initiatives. 

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week


Differential privacy and data dividends. How this Stanford project might completely overturn the conventional models for accessing and using data for driving AI initiatives (and possibly solve the interoperability question as well).

Q&A: The FDA’s digital health chief on how to regulate futuristic AI products

Bakul Patel, Director of Digital Health for the FDA, talks to Stat News on how they are approaching regulation for AI algorithms.

Experian acquires scheduling provider MyHealthDirect

Yet another non-traditional player gets into the healthcare consumer engagement space.

SHIEC CEO Discusses Changing HIE Landscape in Advance of Annual Conference

HIE’s were set up with much promise and expectations; however, they have struggled to maintain relevance. The CEO of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative breaks down the existential issues for HIEs.

Health-tech startups dream of partnering with big drug makers. First comes an intense winnowing process

It’s not easy for corporate innovation heads to find digital health startups just as it isn’t easy for the startups to get an audience with the right individual. Thoughts from the digital health and innovation team at Amgen.

CMS launches new API to help doctors get access to patient records

“This API will deliver data directly to provider sat the point of care via the technology they are already using.” Winning over clinician support depends on making sure they don’t have to do extra work to gain access to the data.

Four Challenges to Overcome for AI-Driven Customer Experience

Lessons on launching and managing virtual agents for customer care processes.

UCHealth deploys Alexa-based virtual assistant for voice-enabled patient engagement

The Colorado-based health system is the latest to launch a voice-enabled virtual agent for consumer engagement.

How Livongo Just Opened The Floodgate To A Digital Healthcare Wave

Here’s a look at some that could be on the way to the next wave of digital health IPOs.

Healthcare data breaches cost an average $6.5M: report

Cybersecurity remains one of the top three issues for healthcare CIOs.

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IT consulting firms are witnessing declining contracts in the healthcare segment due to industry consolidation.

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