Aug 5, 2019

In my most recent podcast interview, John Halamka, former CIO of the Harvard Medical School affiliated Beth Israel Lahey Health comments on a wide range of issues related to health IT. He points out the challenges in harnessing of data to develop insights for digital health, along with interoperability issues. Also, read his piece on the historic move by Congress to eliminate barriers to funding for a universal patient identifier. 

Digital front doors are all the rage right now in healthcare. Last week, I discussed a raft of new consumer-facing solutions by non-traditional players in healthcare. This week, I share my new piece on the specific use of chatbots for symptom triaging in primary care relationships.

In case you missed it, our research report on the current state of healthcare digital transformation is a must-read. Based on focus group discussions with nearly 40 CIO’s, we get a sense of where the healthcare industry is today on the digital journey.

Our WITCH monthly monitor for July highlights major news in the global healthcare IT consulting & services space. Check it out. 

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

The healthcare chatbots are coming. Be afraid. Or not.

Healthcare chatbots can address some of the most pressing challenges for healthcare providers today. However, the benefits come with some downsides.

Access to telehealth services still low, with many questioning its value

“Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they would be more likely to use telehealth services if the cost was less than their copay for a doctor’s office visit.” Herein lies the rub for telehealth adoption.

Uber Health, Henry Schein partner to expand delivery of remote patient care

Ride share services will play an increasingly important role in healthcare, especially for underserved communities.

The House has OK’d a unique patient identifier. Here’s what should happen next

Now this could be huge for advancing digital health innovation and improved healthcare outcomes. 

CMS Launches Pilot to Give Clinicians Access to Patients’ Claims Data

Lots of buzz around the DPC initiative and Carin Health Alliance announcement at the CMS Blue Button developers conference last week. Big tech firms are rallying around the need for interoperability and sharing of patient data.

Kaiser Permanente appoints Prat Vemana first chief digital officer

From hardware to healthcare. The appointment of Kaiser’s new CDO, a Home Depot executive, reflects the growing need for healthcare to learn from other sectors to accelerate digital transformation.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #18: With John D. Halamka, Executive Director, Beth Israel Lahey Health Technology Exploration Center

Healthcare IT podcast: “Digital transformation: Our trajectory is good, our position is imperfect.”

The current state of healthcare digital transformation 

Our latest research paper explores the current state of digital transformation in healthcare.

The WITCH Monthly Monitor: Monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare (July 2019) 

IT consulting firms are witnessing declining contracts in the healthcare segment due to industry consolidation.

The WITCH Report: 2018 Annual Review 

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology firms in healthcare.