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Platform Domination in a World With “Staggering Hurdles”

July 1, 2019

In my most recent piece in CIO, I discuss the penetration rates for digital health platforms. Turns out that healthcare is far too fragmented and incentives are not aligned enough to enable any one platform to dominate. The good news though is that there is room for multiple players, as healthcare is not a winner-take-all market that can be locked up by a well-funded first mover.

The fragmentation of the marketplace is forcing digital health startups to consolidate or close down, as we see from the merger of Sansoro Health and Datica, as well as the demise of Call9. Sansoro Health CEO’s acknowledgment of the “staggering hurdles” in bringing digital health solutions to market may be a cue for some amount of rationalization and consolidation in the digital health solutions marketplace.

Elsewhere, a lawsuit against Google and the University of Chicago brings up the tricky business of monetizing patient data, even as others like Lehigh Valley Health System gets into a data-sharing agreement with CVS/ Aetna.

Our latest issue of the WITCH Monthly Monitor is out. Make sure to check it out.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

How close are we to platform domination in healthcare’s digital business models?

Several technology firms are making attempts to dominate the digital health market. However, healthcare is very different from platform dominated markets in other sectors.

JAMA Forum: Population Health Management: Saving Lives and Saving Money?

This piece from JAMA provides revised and updated definition of population health management and surveys the impact of PHM interventions across healthcare.

Sansoro Health merging with Datica as part of broader health IT consolidation

“There are staggering hurdles to bringing advanced digital health solutions to market.” Consolidation may be the only way out of the fragmentation and slow adoption rates in digital health.

Lehigh Valley Health Network to share EHR data with CVS

Health systems are now getting into the data monetization business. Wonder how their patients feel about sharing their medical records with CVS/ Aetna.

Google, UChicago Med sued over data-sharing practices

A lawsuit by a patient reveals how sharing de-identified data is not an assurance of privacy protection.

New York telemedicine startup Call9 winding down operations

This startup is one of many digital health startups that will end up staring down a basic question: who pays?

AHIP launches new social determinants of health initiative

Industry collaboration is critical to solving healthcare’s many issues. Social determinants of health gets a boost with this industry initiative.

Kaiser Permanente’s digital transformation is creating a healthier America

The CIO of one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country talks about how they are approaching digital.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #16: With John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple

Healthcare IT podcast: “Healthcare is not a winner-take-all industry.”

Aligning stakeholder groups in enterprise digital transformation

Our latest white paper looks at what successful Chief Digital Officers do to align stakeholders across the enterprise.

The WITCH Monthly Monitor: Monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare (June 2019)

A surge in deals from the public sector.

The WITCH Report: 2018 Annual Review

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology firms in healthcare.


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