Last week, I attended a program at the Harvard Medical School on data and analytics strategies for healthcare that gave me insightful perspectives on healthcare IT from frontline physicians who work with technology on an everyday basis. One of the big topics of discussion was the intractable problem with healthcare data: who owns it, who gets to use it, and how data from multiple sources can be used effectively to drive improved outcomes and lower the costs of care. While AI has made significant progress with images, it turns out that the way we store patient medical information in structured databases in EHR systems can be a limitation in the adoption of machine learning and AI in healthcare. 

In my latest blog, in MobiHealthNews, I address the slow progress in the adoption of digital health innovation. Notwithstanding the challenges with data and the risks with new technologies, the good news is that innovation is progressing steadily and finding its way into care management protocols and pathways.

Last week, Congress voted to remove a ban on federal funding for a universal patient identifier, a challenge that has bedeviled interoperability in healthcare for ages. This could be the tipping point that debottlenecks the challenges to digital health innovation.

We have also included a couple of unique perspectives on the ethical and legal challenges of AI in healthcare.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

What is holding back digital health innovation?

Reimbursement, data interoperability, and risk aversion each have healthcare leaders second guessing technology-led innovations.

Facebook Announces Project Libra, Its Wildly Ambitious Plan to Bring Cryptocurrency to the Masses

Cryptocurrency for the masses?

House votes to lift ban on federal funding for unique patient identifier

Giant step forward in technology enabled healthcare outcomes.

The patent protection conundrum facing producers of AI-enabled software as medical devices

With increasingly AI-enabled devices and software, we enter the uncharted waters of applying patent law. 

Drone deliveries are advancing in health care

Drone delivery in healthcare is in early days, but it has great transformative potential for saving lives and lowering costs.

What if AI in health care is the next asbestos?

The widespread use of machine learning and AI has raised questions about whether we are introducing a toxic substance in our digital lives, one that cannot be easily undone.

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