June 17, 2019

In my latest podcast interview, John Sculley, former CEO of Apple, discusses the growing significance of platforms in healthcare and notes that platforms have revolutionized every sector of the economy – except healthcare. Major tech firms such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google will be major players in healthcare in future. However, unlike search advertising or social media, healthcare is not a winner-take-all industry; no single tech firm will dominate healthcare and there will be plenty of room for companies – incumbents, innovators, or startups – to innovate in it.

The single biggest challenge for healthcare digital transformation (other than data interoperability) may be the lack of a universal patient identifier. Modern Healthcare explores the current state of efforts to address this. 

A Black Book survey suggests CFOs will take control of digital transformation budgets in 2020.

Is AI worth the carbon footprint it leaves on the planet? A thought-provoking piece in MIT Technology Review on this question.

Digital transformation in healthcare: our picks for the week

The Next Frontier: Reimagining Medicine with Data Science and Digital Technologies

How AI and digital are transforming a global pharma major.

5 names to know at Uber and Lyft: the key players behind ride-sharing’s move into health care  

Transformation = transportation? It might seem that way, going by the increasingly important role of ride-sharing and food delivery services.

Mary Meeker’s most important trends on the internet

Mary Meeker’s much awaited annual internet trends report highlights healthcare’s digital transformation for the second year in a row.

As the care continuum expands, patient-matching remains a problem without a single solution

Lack of a universal patient identifier combined with interoperability issues will hold back digital health innovation in the near term more than anything else.

CFOs plan more active role in healthcare digital transformation

Black Book survey suggests CFOs will take control of digital transformation budgets in 2020.

Salesforce acquires Tableau Software in $15.7 billion deal

Unpacking Salesforce’s latest mega-acquisition.

Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes

If you never thought of AI and machine learning in terms of carbon footprint, here’s something to think about.

Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology

An alternate view of reality. Startups don’t drive disruptive innovation. Unhappy customers do. By that definition, healthcare has long been a prime candidate.

The latest from Damo Consulting

Podcast – Episode #16: With John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple 

Healthcare IT podcast: “Healthcare is not a winner-take-all industry.”

Aligning stakeholder groups in enterprise digital transformation

Our latest white paper looks at what successful Chief Digital Officers do to align stakeholders across the enterprise. 

The WITCH Monthly Monitor: Monthly update on major global IT consulting and services firms in healthcare (May 2019) 

Healthcare IT firms are rigorously expanding their digital capabilities.

The WITCH Report: 2018 Annual Review 

A review of the financial and market performance of global technology firms in healthcare. 

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