Case study

Global Tier 1 IT services provider: Advanced analytics strategy for Healthcare practice

The client was looking at an assessment of the current state of the healthcare analytics practice and develop a growth strategy for advanced analytics. We delivered an as-is assessment and a set of targeted recommendations to meet corporate growth objectives.


The client is one of the largest global IT services provider with over 150,000 employees globally. The client has a presence in 6 continents, and a broad client footprint across nearly 200 cities globally. Healthcare is one of the major focus areas for the firm and has been growing rapidly in the past few years.

Business Case

The client engaged Damo Consulting to evaluate several Health Cloud platforms that had emerged in recent years. The Health Cloud platforms were integrated sets of digital enablement tools and technologies with common data models, standard API interfaces, and a robust in-built security and compliance framework designed for healthcare enterprises. Many of the cloud platform providers had also developed robust partner ecosystems with ready-to-deploy “last mile” solutions that corresponded with many of the identified digital use cases. However, there were also significant differences among the platform providers in terms of the technology stacks, maturity level of capabilities, pricing models, and more.

Through a detailed assessment of platform capabilities and features along with in-depth discussions with technology provider executive leadership and site visits, we were able to assist our client in a thorough assessment of the strengths and issues associated with each platform. The key insight from the exercise was that no single platform vendor had a complete set of capabilities that could effectively take on the deployment of the client’s digital roadmap. However, by applying a rigorous evaluation framework and assessment, we were able to provide the client with a set of recommendations on possible deployment options using one or more of the platforms.

Approach and Results

Working closely with the leadership of the Healthcare SBU over a period of 6 weeks, we were able to align the analytics strategy to the overall strategic imperatives for the SBU as well as the larger enterprise. Through a series of in-depth interviews with internal stakeholders across multiple practice groups, we were able to inventory and assess the current capabilities at the SBU and the enterprise level, and identify pockets of excellence that can be referenced and leveraged across sectors. Separately, through a series of meetings with carefully selected strategic clients, we were able to understand the broad initiatives under way and a potential fit with current capabilities and planned investments to serve these needs. At the end of the engagement, we delivered an objective assessment of the current state, a set of recommendations for the near term and a roadmap to achieve specified growth goals.

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