The Healthcare division of one of the major global technology brands and a leader in AI and cognitive computing solutions, had growth through a series of acquisitions with a diverse range of offerings. The leadership was looking to gain market and competitive intelligence for each of the business units to drive a coordinated market strategy.

Business Case

Since the healthcare division had grown through acquisitions, each division was staffed with front line sellers who had limited appreciation of the competitive landscape for other divisions. This made it difficult for leadership to drive a coordinated strategy in client management and growth. Damo Consulting was engaged to provide ongoing market and competitive intelligence on a range of dimensions.

Approach & Results

Through a series of interactive workshops, The Damo Consulting team arrived at a set of offering categories, named competitors, and a set of attributes pertaining to the competitive landscape such as client win announcements, leadership changes, M & A activity and so on. A dedicated team carried out the research which was then categorized and published as weekly and monthly updates in a secure microsite with access provided to named individuals within the client leadership. Custom reports were developed for specific activities, such as a significant policy or marketplace development, for dissemination internally. The scope of the engagement covered over 40 competitors across 7 divisions, extending to over a year.

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