Case study

Thought Leadership Content Strategy for Healthcare Tech Firm

The client is a VC-funded high-growth tech firm in the mobile health applications space. The firm was looking to build brand visibility through a series of content assets during the year.

Business Case

The client had built a robust technology platform for building mobile health applications. The platform had gained traction with an initial set of clients, however the platform and the product were used mainly by the developer groups within their customer base. Our client needed to increase their visibility at C-levels within their client organizations.

Approach & Results

We conducted an initial content inventory and initiated a strategic planning process to develop a content strategy with a set of key themes for the year. Using existing case studies, client testimonials, and well-articulated points of view of critical technology and business aspects of a mobile application development program, we developed a series of 12 white papers over a 9-month period. The white papers were multi-purposed into short form such as blogs, and amplified through social media, as event collateral, and for driving a series of webinars. The client saw a significant uptick in pipeline during this period, and came to be identified as a healthcare-focused technology solutions company with a deep understanding of the market needs.

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