It’s almost a year to the day I started writing my first book, The Big Unlock. It’s finally out (find it on Amazon). In the book, I talk about harnessing data to grow digital health businesses in a value-based care era. In addition to insights gathered from dozens of healthcare executives, there is a foreword by Ed Marx, CIO of Cleveland Clinic, that sets the context for the rest of the book. I invite you to visit my book page to learn more and obtain your copy.

Last week, in the wee hours of Saturday, the GOP-controlled Senate passed a tax reform bill whose immediate impact will be the roll-back of the individual mandate. Longer-term impact includes possible cuts to entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid to plug the trillion-dollar deficit.

Over the weekend, the $69 billion CVS-Aetna mega-deal announcement came down to us, marking a new milestone in the shape of M & A activity to come. Some call it a pre-emptive move against the entry of non-traditional players like Amazon. Others call it a fundamental shift in healthcare delivery models. Regardless, one thing is clear- consolidation in healthcare is happening, one way or another, with implications for consumer choice and prices. However, there are hold-outs, as we learned about GE’s failed effort to acquire EHR majors Epic and Cerner. There are some things money just can’t buy.

As new technologies and new data sources unlock healthcare insights, alarm bells are also being sounded about the potential incursions on privacy. Sen Chuck Schumer called for regulations on consumer DNA tests, and a Wired article discusses the controversies around providing unlimited access to Google’s DeepMind AI algorithms in detecting and tracking patient medical conditions.

After a few months of boardroom drama and the departure of a high-flying (but short-lived) CEO, Infosys has a new driver in the seat – Salil Parekh.

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