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With digital health apps, we can’t always get what we want. Of the 318,500 mobile health apps to download, a very small number are getting any real traction with consumers. In my latest blog in CIO online, I explore why. Factors driving adoption rates among consumers include convenience and trust, the latter being a significant issue for mobile apps launched by pharma companies.

The story is similar with wearable apps – a study by NEJM catalyst confirms what many of us know already; the longer we own a wearable, the less we use it, very often abandoning them altogether within 6 months.

The WITCH report, Damo Consulting’s Q3 2017 analysis of major technology services firms in healthcare, indicates that growth rates continue to slow down for most of the firms in our coverage. Firms that have a high exposure to public sector and the ACA exchange markets, such as Wipro, have been the most challenged (Wipro’s QoQ revenues have declined by 5.48 % has consistently declined over the past few quarters). HCL, with its overweight position in the infrastructure management business, has seen significant swings in growth in the HLS business over the past few quarters. Download our complimentary eBook for the complete breakdown.

We thank all the respondents to our 2018 healthcare IT demand survey. The response levels have exceeded our expectations. Stay tuned for updates on the release of the report.

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