India celebrated its Independence Day this week, and Damo Consulting celebrated the first three years of our journey as a healthcare growth advisory firm.

I formally launched Damo Consulting on Aug 15, 2014. I chose the date because it was Independence Day for India, the country of my birth. I had no clients, no business plan. All I had was a wide range of professional connections I had developed over the years. At the end of three years, I simply want to thank everyone for helping us get to where we are today. I’ve put together some thoughts on the journey in my company’s blog page.

What else? Oh, Vishal Sikka of Infosys became independent too, after 3 years of joining Infosys as CEO. After months of board level wrangling in public, questions about Sikka’s pay package and ex-CFO Bansal’s severance package, prices paid for acquisitions, senior level exits, and a few troubled quarters, it’s tempting to say his quitting was a foregone conclusion.

An interesting study by Pew research on H1B visas ranks the beneficiaries of the program as well as the wage levels of workers. As expected, the tech sector grabs the spotlight on both. Cognizant snagged the most visas in 2016 and Facebook paid the most for an H1B worker.

The health insurance industry continues to be on pins and needles about whether POTUS will continue with exchange subsidies, without which premiums are bound to rise. Insurers seem to be taking no chances. Premiums are set to rise anyway.

The CMS decided to cancel a couple of bundled payment programs this week and raised questions about the future of alternate payment models. Here’s a thoughtful piece by Health Affairs on why it’s time now to reexamine and refocus our efforts on value-based care.

An AI platform with high EQ? As voice-enabled AI tools and virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa become more prevalent in health care settings, the effort now is to make them “emotionally intelligent”.

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