First off, the skinny on the skinny repeal. After a dizzying sequence of events this week, Senate Republicans choked late Thursday night on passing a bare bones bill, a final attempt to demonstrate to their constituents that they were meeting their 7-year itch to repeal and replace Obamacare. McCain may well be remembered in future as a hero for more than his wartime service. But wait, it may not all be over yet. Here are some options still in play for Republicans.

While researching for my upcoming book, I asked the nationally recognized CIO of a health system what he thought of the market for emerging technologies such as AI, cognitive, blockchain and digital health solutions in healthcare. His response was: the teacher is ready, but the student is not.

What he meant was that the technology vendor community is developing innovative solutions at a faster rate than the ability of the healthcare sector to adopt it.

Digital health solutions, especially those built on emerging technologies, face a conundrum of high investments and low returns in the near term. Crossing the chasm requires an understanding of key market factors. I explore the law of inverse relationships in play in my latest blog in CIO online. While cool new skills like design thinking are all the rage, the rumors of the demise of old school IT are greatly exaggerated.

The emergence of non-traditional players in healthcare IT came into the spotlight as news of Amazon’s new high-profile hire brought into focus their apparent plans to disrupt the healthcare industry. Something big’s about to happen. Here’s a wild prediction: Amazon acquires Walgreens by end of the year.

We’re all mutants now: Genomics is quickly moving outside labs and clinical settings into the hands of average consumers to help them understand who they are. We’ve curated a handful of interesting pieces this week to bring you up to speed.

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