Attempts to push through a new healthcare bill died with a whimper earlier this week. However, we haven’t seen the last word from the Republicans on the repeal/replace of the ACA. Market uncertainty is likely to continue as the fate of exchange subsidies and Medicaid expansion programs remain unclear. At least one major tech firm, Wipro, is feeling the impact of the uncertainty, having suffered $ 120 M in losses in the past 4 qtrs., primarily from the HPS acquisition in 2016, and with no end in sight.

I had the opportunity to present a talk on the state of healthcare IT markets at a leadership meet for one of the large global tech firms this week. My main message to the group was that while we see an apparent slowdown in growth rates for traditional services businesses, demand is growing for emerging technology solutions such as digital, cloud, and AI. Firms that are investing in these future-state technology capabilities will continue to see growth. Read this piece from Quartz on the “deep, dark hole” that Indian IT firms are trying to climb out of. Another article in CIO explores the “hot” and “cold” trends in the IT outsourcing business.

For some years now, large enterprises that are mature in outsourcing have been setting up global business services (GBS) teams, sometimes referred to as captives. The main question for GBS operations is: do they deliver value? An insightful report by McKinsey suggests that there are still attractive short term benefits from the labor arbitrage, and strategic benefits when it comes to sensitive IP development. However, GBS teams are often lacking in other aspects such as seamless co-ordination, agility and responsiveness.

Glassholes no more: the fascinating story of Google Glass’ second act.

Before I sign off, let us spare a moment of silence for a great loss of entertainment in our lives: “Spicey” will no longer be with us on Saturday nights.

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