Another week, another ransomware attack.

Nuance Communications, a major technology firm that provides speech recognition solutions for the healthcare industry, was hit hard by a new cyberattack, first dubbed Petya, and later renamed NotPetya. Described as Wannacry’s evil twin, its intent seemed to be data destruction as opposed to collecting ransom. Here’s a primer on all those confusing terms used by cybersecurity geeks.

The week continued to be dominated by headlines on the proposed BRCA healthcare bill, with the CBO releasing its estimate of an additional 22 million Americans likely to be without insurance cover if the Act were to pass. In addition to various industry organizations, Healthcare CEO’s and opinion leaders such as Atul Gawande and Drew Altman of the Kaiser Foundation expressed opposition to the bill.

The bill seems to have turned out to be a boon for the health insurance industry which now gets some relief from minimum payouts against insurance premiums collected that could translate to a bottom line improvement of 2-3%.

As I get ready to board my flight back to Chicago from Bangalore, I can’t help but think about the Washington Post’s article asking if the gilded age of Indian IT professionals has ended.

There’s no doubt the Indian IT services sector is in trouble. Jobs are disappearing due to automation and technology shifts, and the Trump administration’s threats to curb the use of H1B visas has created nervousness among the major tech services firms. Wipro came out this week as the next company to announce their commitment to local hires. The real issue, however, is not visas. It’s the demand environment. Infosys admitted to just that and indicated that it is reassessing long term goals in light of the demand outlook.

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