AARP. AHA.AMA. AHIP. Blue Shield of California.

These are just a few of the organizations opposing the AHCA that was rammed through Congress this week. Done all cloak and dagger, with backroom deals to sweeten the pot, the administration declared an interim victory on the long-standing desire of Republicans to repeal Obamacare.

A quick run-down of who wins: Rich people. Rich people without pre-existing conditions. All manner of people without pre-existing conditions. The indoor tanning industry (huh?).

And who loses: Around 24 million people, give or take. Mostly poor, older people on Medicaid, and all manner of people with pre-existing conditions. Also, Jimmy Kimmel’s new baby (his 6-minute heart-wrenching story is a must-watch).

Don’t worry. The bill throws in $ 8 billion over 5 years for a special high-risk pool to help people with pre-existing conditions who can’t afford coverage or care. Good luck trying to find it when you need it.

The deal isn’t done yet. The bill heads to the Senate where it is expected to face some challenges.

Hospitals, already squeezed for margins and laying off workers across the country, are likely to be hit harder with a surge in poor, uninsured patients.

A recent survey indicates that corporate IT leaders would like to stay with the current H-1B visa program, worried that proposed changes could aggravate talent shortages and increase costs. Indian IT giants are headed for a tough year even without H1B challenges.

In a politically astute move, Infosys announced its plan to hire 10,000 US workers in the next two years.

Every week, we try to include a lighter piece that provides some relief. My favorite for this year so far is this story of doctors at the prestigious AIIMS hospital in India who are undergoing self-defense training to protect themselves from rising violence from patients and their families.

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